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Subscribe to this thread Yooka-Laylee created by Kymastrider on May 2, 2015

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Kymastrider5/2/15 6:34am
A new 3D-Platformer designed in the spirit of Banjo-Kazooie, and Donkey Kong Country, staring a Chameleon and a Bat.

And Developed by former Rare programmers at there new company Playtonic.

There's also a Kickstarter going in if anyone's interested.

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Kobalt955/2/15 10:48pm
Holy crap I'm going to go back this now! :D I effing love Banjo-Kazooie style games!

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TFeathersB5/3/15 11:24am
Over 1.2 million in it's first three days!? I hope this game will be fantastic!

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Kirito5/3/15 11:27am
This takes me back! I hope this game is fantastic! Thanks for sharing Kyma 8 D

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Kymastrider6/6/16 4:18pm
The Newest Yooka-Laylee video in almost a year is finally here, still along road down to the Q1 of 2017 but were getting there.

They even speak in Dialog box gibberish, just like Banjo-Kazooie ^^

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