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Subscribe to this thread Thoughts on cursing created by CoolCoyote on April 30, 2015

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CoolCoyote4/30/15 1:58am
Howdy all you dream keeper fans!

With the arival of the new free to read book on the web site we are introduced to a new never before seen aspect of the dreamkeeper realm; cussing!

Unless of course I missed it somewhere else in the previous books. It's possible. Reading all these web comics has reduced my eye site over the years and increased my need to wear larger and larger glasses. So it's possible that I missed a word or two in previous books :p

So I thought I might ask for peoples opinions on how they feel about seeing profanity in comics, on the tv, or in books. Profanity here can mean anything from mild profanity to words begining in S and F that we are not allowed to say on the forum.

Please keep that last part in mind before you answer ^.^

I will weigh in with my own opinion after we get about a half dozen replies or so :3

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MobileCrusader4/30/15 5:14am
I curse like a drunken sailor, and honestly hearing it doesnt bother me one way or another.

If the character cursing has a personality or upbringing that leads to lots of cursing, i dig. If they are in a scenario that requires them to curse, im cool with it.

It just has to make sense, you know? Same with any medium. Gratuitous swearing without purpose is annoying at best. See: Wanted.

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Digitigraderobo4/30/15 5:43am
I think that it makes sense for characters to swear in distressing situations. Too much makes it seem fake and none has the same effect. Some people swear a lot in real life, some people don't, having a comic reflect that can make the characters and world more believable.

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TFeathersB4/30/15 8:03am
I agree, Digitigraderobo. I don't mind listening to it in TV or film, so long as it makes seance for the character and context but when it's written it just rarely looks right to me. So far it's use has been pretty good.

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ZycantAlpha4/30/15 5:08pm
I'm with Digitigrade as well. I don't really mind swearing one way or another, but if it's too much then it becomes swearing for the sake of swearing, where it just becomes obnoxious.

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Kirito4/30/15 6:21pm
Cursing is normal for humans (and their counterparts) as an outlet to relieve stress. The strategic use adds realism, and offers a deeper connection with the character.

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CoolCoyote5/3/15 11:21pm
Thank you all for replying! All good comments! I think it is time I add my own!

As you might have already guessed, my opinion runs counter to popular thinking. Which is fine. I'm not offended that people dissagree with me :3

I think everyone will agree though that everyone's level of tolorance for cursing is different. Myself I happen to be one of the people who has a low tolorance for cursing.

There are certain things in comics that I can gloss over...and somethings that are much harder to. Cursing for me is one of those things. To me offensive things are offensive and vulgarity is vulgar, artistic or otherwise.

The other reason is that profanity is usually a prelude to what else is in the comic movie or book. You can usually tell what rating you are walking into when you see profanity dropped in the first few pages.

This comic is a bit different though. I started reading the prelude comic before the actuall book comics. Unless I glossed over parts (i am sure my younger self did :p) the prelude is a pretty clean comic that manages to blend in mature topics and present them in a rather non mature way. That I found to be rather impressive.

The books made it pretty clear from the get go that they were pg 13. I can live with pg 13. I love pg 13. But then in the latest book BAM. Not only are people being brutally murdered, ripped appart, disolved, left and right they are droppin F bombs on every other page.

Its like the books just shifted in rating with out much warning XD

It kind of makes your head spin X.X

Well that was my opinion. Thank you all for listening to it. And by all means you are certainly allowed to dissagree with it if you want too :D

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WolfKit5/4/15 6:07am
Yeah, I definitely think that it's been leaning a lot towards the mature end of PG-13 lately, but I wouldn't say that it's up to an R rating.
As far as cursing, I'm personally okay with it. I'd say it's okay to have one character who curses more than everybody else, and Ravat barely curses compared to some people under 17 that I know.

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ezioauditore975/5/15 2:11pm
Well they don't shoehorn in cursing for characters like Lilith and though it may indicate a slight change in tone for the serious also remember that in Vol.3 they were in the city and with gangs and other less than savory groups you're probably going to hear quite a bit of that.

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CoolCoyote5/6/15 10:00am
I forgot to mention that XD I forgot that was in book 3.

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CoolCoyote5/8/15 7:59pm
Thank you all for commenting ^.^ feel free to add your own thoughts or build off of others :3

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