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Dreamkeepers Forums - Video Game Endings/Best or Worst? (Spoilers Ahead!!)

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Subscribe to this thread Video Game Endings/Best or Worst? (Spoilers Ahead!!) created by Kymastrider on April 27, 2015

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Kymastrider4/27/15 6:05pm
Have a Video Game ending that's something you really remember well, Something that Sticks with you long after the credits are over?

What about an ending that you thought was really bad, that you felt made the whole experience feel underwhelming, or just made you feel like you wasted your time?

Let's discuss our favorite and even least favorite video game endings.

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Kirito4/27/15 6:25pm
Easy: sheppard's death, mass effect three, worst ending ever.

Also, request a spoiler alert for the title, even if it's pretty obvious there's spoilers ahoy :-)

Edit: Fixed, Thanks Dan!

What about you?

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Kymastrider4/27/15 7:31pm
I have quite a few so I'll put it in two parts starting with my Top Ten Best endings.

#10 Super Metroid

#9 Half-Life

#8 Deus Ex (Helios Ending)

#7 Final Fantasy 7

#6 Silent Hill 2 (rebirth ending)

#5 Monkey Island 2

#4 System Shock 2

#3 Legend of Zelda, A link to the past

#2 Ico

#1 Another world

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GodofVelcro4/27/15 9:34pm
Just Cause 2's ending was so unnecessarily bad, but I think it was sort of on purpose. I would link something, but its late and I am lazy.

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MobileCrusader4/28/15 7:56am
ME3. It was bad, especially before the patch.

Sly Cooper 2. It had everything I wanted out of the ending, with all the proper elements for the story told.

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ST34LTH5/2/15 8:50pm
I honestly think the Mass Effect 3 endings aren't even close to as poor as the public makes them out to be. True, they were horribly in comparison with the rest of the game, but hey... would any ending really have been acceptable when it comes to it? That Shepard died actually made for a fine ending imo, unlike the "choose your colour variation of the exact same ending" aspect, which sorta' pissed me off too. There were indeed better ways it could have ended, but him surviving and becoming the galaxy saving hero, would have been much, much worse imho.

(Pardon the rant, now for my votes)

Halo 2
(Technically not a bad ending, but the cliffhanger and overhype it left everything at was too damn cruel. Now that tactic is bad enough when used in EVERY last tv-series, but in video games, where the sequel can take many years to arrive, it is inexcusable.)

StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty
(Wow, just... wow. Epicosity!)

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MobileCrusader5/4/15 7:20pm
I fail to see how anyone could defend the original ME3 ending lol. It was terrible and offered no closure.

As far as Halo 2 goes, I actually really like the ending. It left me so hyped for the third game, and it still does. Halo has never had the best story telling out there, so I can see where your opinion is valid (and it certainly is not the best or even close ending out there) though.

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Edwardteach5/4/15 7:21pm
I feel Far cry 3's ending was horriable

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MobileCrusader5/4/15 7:30pm
Ive never played any of the FarCry games.

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Edwardteach5/4/15 7:31pm
oh I played alll the way through and in the end you have 2 endings one is you kill your GF or you kill the female tribe leader

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ST34LTH5/9/15 3:18pm
@Mobile - I'm not really trying to defend it per se, I just find the usual rage against it lacking a valid point imo. I found it offered plenty closure, just not the closure most people desired. As I said originally, it was a bad ending, no doubt about it; I personally just can't agree that it is as bad as most seem to think and most certainly not for the same reasons.

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ZycantAlpha5/9/15 4:22pm
Having never played Mass Effect I could be wrong about this, but I don't think the problem was the lack of closer. If I understand what the first two did, the choices you made influenced the ending and would dictate how you started the next game. As a result, just having one ending seems a) lazy and b) a let-down when you made this massive claim that your choices actually mattered.

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ST34LTH5/10/15 9:18am
Well, there technically were multiple endings, but they didn't depend on former choices at all. Plus the story that ran up to the ending, was... bad... It was much worse than the actual ending itself imo.

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