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Dreamkeepers Forums - Tulsan Pravada's manifesto to the ruling classes.

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Subscribe to this thread Tulsan Pravada's manifesto to the ruling classes. created by coolbreeze88 on April 26, 2015

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coolbreeze884/26/15 9:39pm
poor rich, how can you be so na´ve.

poor rich, how can you be so selfish.

I have a hear of gold and I don't need money to make it so.

you just sit in your own little bubble, completely oblivious to the problems faced by us, and yet you claim your doing your best to aid the common good?

HEH well if even if you were telling the truth you seem rather incompetent at it.

you may think that violence isn't the answer, but what are people going to turn to when this system only allows a select few to live in the gleaming spire in the center of our country, while the vast majority are relegated to slums.

you may not care what I have to say so far, but you will care about this: I do not forgive, I do not forget, I strike like a bolt of lighting from the heavens and quikly recede with the tide.

you cant find me unless I want to be found, I cant be tried because, like you, I am above your arbitrary laws.

the winds of change are coming, and I am its breath.

If that doesent scare you filthy hypocritical parasites.....

I could be right behind you.

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