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Subscribe to this thread Sandmen created by Prometheus on April 25, 2015

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Prometheus4/25/15 10:42am
Since it may be a recurring character in the novel, I think it's fair it gets a thread for itself.

Actually, I needed a place to bring this up. While uploading chapter 2 to 8chan, I noticed something dangling from the orphan's tent as lightning flashed outside. In one panel, it's there. Two panels later, the lightning flashes and it's gone.

I suspect it was the Sandman in its inanimate form. I think Randy or Wisp grabbed it in the dark and brought it to life while Mace dozed.

Just something I wanted to mention. I never really looked that close enough to notice that.

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Kirito4/26/15 4:22am
Could you link the page? Sounds interesting.

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Prometheus4/26/15 4:08pm

The last three panels. :)

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ZycantAlpha4/26/15 6:57pm
Wow, I really missed that. I thought that was a lantern or something.

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Kirito4/27/15 12:46pm
It definetly looks like the curls and wisps a sandman has. And the fact that it dissapears is really suspicious. I believe it is indeed a sandman. Good find! :-)

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DanWithTheHat4/27/15 5:29pm
O wow, I missed that as well. Awesome find! I wonder what Dave will say if we bring that up to him....

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FoxPhantom4/28/15 5:57am
oh wow, I missed it too.
I thought it was a lantern as well.

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Prometheus4/28/15 11:31am
People in the Skype chat group were talking about how it wasn't glowing or anything like that. If you look back at the V3 page where Ravat has the Sandman, it is no longer "alive." As he spat into the blue liquid and poured it into its head, it comes to life.

I suspect that it was put in the tent after everyone went to sleep so it would be easy to get to. When Mace dozed off and the gloworb went out, I think Randy grabbed it in the dark and took it to Wisp so she could animate it. Once that was done, Wisp probably left the area so the Sandman could do its job.

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Kirito4/28/15 12:01pm
I brought up the glowing thing, but right now I think it could go either way. It's not glowing, and no light is being projected onto the tent. However, how is it hanging from the ceiling? And how could beer-bellied Randy snatch it from their in the time lightning strikes?

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Wulfspyder4/28/15 6:38pm
It may have been creepin' in through a slit in the top of the tent, considering it isn't there two pages before when Mace sees Paige kneeling at his bed. That shot shows the roof pretty clearly and no Sandman body or glowing eyes are visible.

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