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Subscribe to this thread What about the Diony Desert? created by AriaOutlander on February 12, 2013

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AriaOutlander2/12/13 6:31pm
Now, normally, this isn't my forte', creating new topics, and such, but it has to be said, in my mind. What about Diony? I've had many 'dreams' about the desert itself, and how it would appear or be, further past it. Anyone else willing to input anything? --- I had a dream that, down further, past the desert, was an enormous crater, that if you were inside it, would look like you were trapped in a steep overturned dome, the sides being solid sandstone. This isn't a small crater. It's probably the size of Sabbaton's District, squared. -- My character's backstory takes place in that area, and in a general area around it. Aka, No knowledge of how long she's been there, just, been there. (And, i am actually writing a /story/ about this!) --- Hope you guys would come up with some neat ideas (And maybe David would even say yes to incorporating it!)

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Hakuzo2/12/13 10:48pm
I feel this post should be in the Headless room. As you are talking about your own RP/Story ideas with it.

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Aurom3/2/13 8:10pm
I would tend to agree with Hakuzo since story discussion is about... well what's happened so far in the story. And to the best of my knowledge, none of it has taken place in the Diony Desert thus far. Not to say that your thoughts and questions don't have merit AriaOutlander, just that these particular thoughts and opinions would probably provoke a lot more discussion were they placed somewhere under the Roleplay category.

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