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Dreamkeepers Forums - The Artist's tip thread/how to improve your skills

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Subscribe to this thread The Artist's tip thread/how to improve your skills created by Kymastrider on April 24, 2015

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Kymastrider4/24/15 7:16pm
I was thinking it would be good to dedicate a thread to discussing and sharing our art and drawing techniques with other's hopefully finding way's to improve our art.

(one example I was really never satisfied with this Evzen pic I drew, this was my third attept at drawing Evzen and I still couldn't get it right. The head as someone pointed out was to small and I was having a lot of trouble drawing the legs, at the time I didn't quite get the hang of hot to draw Dave's unique dreamkeeper legs and feet, I was thinking of taking this Evzen pic down and doing a new one from scratch)

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FoxPhantom4/25/15 4:33am
sounds like a good idea since some users are artists too. :D

the feet aren't easy including with how Dave does it is very well done, but a lot of practice helps. there are many digigrade feet tutorial's. :D
I'm linking two tutorials to try to help ^^

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Auran4/25/15 10:56am
I don't call myself a good drawer as i can't draw off the top of my head but i can say i have a mimics eye's as i can copy a drawing free handed. and i dont know how people do predrawing lines?

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SandwichPie4/26/15 1:13pm

Thanks for those links; they helped greatly in adding form to my DK fanart XD

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Kirito4/27/15 1:43pm
I made a little slideshow of a quick five minute sketch to illustrate the use of guidlines :-)

step one: circle w/ guides
step two: basic head structure created usin the orientation of guides
step three: eyes an jaw structure
step four: redid jaw and added detail to ear
step five: expression
step six: additional details/ cleaning up

I hope this was helpful ^w^

character belongs to me. Not DK affiliated.

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BryanDimmsdale5/9/15 11:21pm
I really need the coloring and shading actually in Photoshop, guys?

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zagura5/13/15 5:01pm
Personally I learned a ton from Sycra:

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Kymastrider5/15/15 10:28am
one thing I have a lot of trouble replicating as well is Dave's Dreamkeeper eyes. I'm more akin to drawing anime-ish eyes because they just feel easier to me. But for Dreamkeepers the pupils are so much smaller its hard for me to draw the right angle the eye is facing, plus the eyes tend to have different shapes along the face.

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