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Dreamkeepers Forums - All the DreamKeepers! A quick reference of my personal DreamKeeper as well as his group.

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Subscribe to this thread All the DreamKeepers! A quick reference of my personal DreamKeeper as well as his group. created by RashallVetkay on April 18, 2015

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RashallVetkay4/18/15 10:46pm
As the title states this is a post of my DreamKeeper and the group he lives/works with. I can never just put my character in by himself he always has to have a background and a group with him, I feel this flushes out not only my dreamkeeper but gives him a unique background. I use many of these characters in other stories, I'm a practicing writer so these "other stories" are all in different states of progress.

Please remember these are only short descriptions, longer descriptions may come later if I feel like it.

Rashall Vetkay: Also known as Rash to those around him, he has seen his fair share of atrocities and does not wish to see others befall the same fate as him. If you are on his good side he is the greatest of friends always willing to try to help in some way, however if you find yourself on his bad side good luck.

Jess: Has lived with Aurora and Rash for a good few years and doesn't seem to wish to be anywhere else. To many guys she's a good looker, but has on occasion sent would be male gropers flying several feet with a kick to a place where the sun don't shine.

Thanatos: The "bodyguard" of the above four, Thanatos and his squad stick to the shadows while at the same time providing protection for the families where Rash lives.

Chili: Known only by her nickname this girl loves flying and is one of the best pilots in Rash's group. Though she doesn't fly much at the time, due to Rash wanting a low profile, she instead spends her time repairing and maintaining the various skimmers that Rash does allow for short hops during the early morning and evening.

Varnus: The head of the healing staff in the complex where Rash lives Varnus has had to patch Rash up so many times he has almost lost count. However Varnus loves his job and does not take any injury lightly.

Dimir: Head Librarian Dimir spends all his time in the complexes library protecting and maintaining it's hallowed texts. Being the head of information he is the one many go to in order to find out more detail about a particular item, Dimir can fetch this information surprisingly quickly along with other texts that have similar information.

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RashallVetkay5/4/15 7:16pm
Second round:


Tiny: Simply known by his ironic nickname Tiny is anything but. He is a big guy that doesn't take kindly to being pushed around, or to his friends being pushed around. Tiny is part of Rash's original team, or old guard as they are known. He is known for being straight forward though he can come up with some very complicated tactics when the need arises.

Durith: Most call him a dwarf because of his stature, but then those dream keepers wouldn't really know him. Durith tends to stick more towards the home complex than anywhere else. He also tends to be a great story teller reciting old histories and stories from olden times. In a fight Durith is tough and unforgiving even for his size.

Rhine-Heart: Often called Rhine, Rhine-Heart is the second in command of the Myst-Stalkers. He follows Jess' orders to the word and is an expert at hit and run warfare. He was personally recruited by Jess at a young age and has always looked up to her as a mother figure. He views Rash as the end all be all commander and outside of Jess and those others that make up Rash's command squad will take orders from no other.

Jen: Part of Tiny's squad Jen is a great grenadier and is well known for fireworks displays. She tends to be a pyromaniac at times, but oddly enough she is a great person to talk to making her the head of counseling at Rash's complex. In a fight Jen can crack open bunkers and drop stun grenades with ease and a proficiency one can only dream of.

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