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Subscribe to this thread Nowhere to go created by Auran on April 14, 2015

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Kirito4/27/15 6:28pm
no problem

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Auran4/27/15 6:29pm
Actually i think it is your turn.

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Kirito4/27/15 6:29pm
it is but I don't like to go off on a tangent with the rp staring only me at the moment

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Auran4/27/15 6:31pm
oh well i think i should have waited before i posted the last one

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Auran4/27/15 6:34pm
yea it didnt make sense so i just deleted it

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CoolCoyote4/28/15 5:14pm
Quick question.

The new guy, the one who kind of randomly appeared XD

Has any one been in contact with him? Cause it toss a serious wrench into the works if he only poses once and then dissapears.

Just making sure he is really HERE and able to post a reply and even knows to read this thread for oocly chat.

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Kirito4/28/15 6:17pm
who? Daleth?

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Auran4/28/15 8:09pm
no that coolbreeze or something is his name i PMed him,

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CoolCoyote4/29/15 9:09am
Dah! I put my post in the wrong thread!
Sorry sorry ignor that

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Auran4/29/15 9:22am
its alright i know who you are talking about though

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Auran4/29/15 7:16pm
Ok I am curious if this gets interesting could I take this and rewrite it a little to make a story? (I am asking for copyright consent)

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Kirito5/3/15 1:06pm
please note: official power change.

new power: tranformation (wolf form only)

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Aman37125/3/15 1:08pm
I should also note that Ace can be both very observative and suspicious at times :3

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Auran5/3/15 1:08pm
ok cool and Im going to warn you all Auran is going to give you guys the job and theDK i will be traveling as is Edward, and i will be using this account to narrate encounters and travels

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Aman37125/3/15 1:09pm
kk :D

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