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Subscribe to this thread Nowhere to go created by Auran on April 14, 2015

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Aman37124/15/15 3:51pm
Holy crud dude take a chill pill XD

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Kirito4/15/15 3:54pm
imagine the sce: you're chillin on the roof when all of a sudden there's some stranger next to you. I think my response was justified XD.

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Kirito4/15/15 4:58pm
A little Biology lesson, epinephrine is the scientific name for adrenaline, crucial in your fight or flight response.

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Auran4/15/15 6:31pm
It is

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Auran4/16/15 6:13am
so we decidded the battle items
roll 2 dies
1-2 nodamage
3-4 half damage
5-6 full damage
1-Damages ones self
2-5-10 damage
3-10-20 damage
4-20-25 damage
5-30-40 damage
6-45 damage
and like 50 health to each of us, and monsters are like 25-150
Sounds right?

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Aman37124/16/15 6:33am
Sure! Should bosses have health higher than 150, depending on their level?

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DalethFox4/16/15 6:58am
Yeah, like maybe 200-250, maybe?

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Edwardteach4/16/15 8:34am
Ok I am auran im just using this account to seperate my narratory

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Auran4/16/15 9:58am
so kit and daleth when you have your convo on the roof dont leave the roof areon will come get you two

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Kirito4/16/15 5:34pm

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Auran4/16/15 6:59pm

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Auran4/17/15 3:56pm
oh gosh i forgot what was ppengoing on. i think we are waiting for something to ha

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Kirito4/17/15 7:34pm
I need Daleth to post

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Auran4/17/15 7:48pm
oh ok

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Edwardteach4/19/15 7:47pm
Ok so I'm just going to say this again so i know for sure that i dont confuse people, I am auran, I will use one account or the other as a narratory account and the other as me RPing

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