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Subscribe to this thread Nowhere to go created by Auran on April 14, 2015

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Auran4/14/15 8:20pm
So I'm kinda starting it off that each person is lead to the next.

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Kirito4/14/15 8:25pm
what's the story?

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Auran4/14/15 8:33pm
I thats going to develop as we go but there will be some dark dreamkeepers

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Aman37124/15/15 3:44am
This looks fun! Do we need character sheets?

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Auran4/15/15 5:48am
we just need to decide health for everyone and how much damage attacks do with or with out powers. And if people want to go to a certain districts you can speak up and we could go there

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Aman37124/15/15 7:07am
Name: Ace Zensu

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1"

Physical Description: Ace is a fairly muscular, white and light blue dingo with deep blue eyes. He wears a blue tank top, white jeans, and a blue scarf belt with a silver buckle that bares a white gem.

Power: Cryokinesis

Traits: Alert, collected, clear-headed, passive at times, loyal, relaxed, selfless, and stoic.

Bio: Raised since birth in hands of a karate teacher, Ace grew up in a life of discipline and honor. Being the undefeated star pupil in his father's karate class, Ace became a master at the arts of karate as well as a number of personal morals he developed. However, his life could change forever when his father was murdered in the hands of a centuries old rival, Ace left his home to avenge his father and to seek inner balance.

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Auran4/15/15 8:58am
cool Is this your character? and we should discuss how damage and health works

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Aman37124/15/15 10:51am
He is one of my characters, but not my main character. I felt that ace would fit well in this RP. Also, as for damage, how about our characters start at a hundred health while NPCs have varying health. For example:

*Player: 100 health

*Weaker enemies: 10-150 or so health

*Stronger enemies: 150-200+ health

*Bosses: 500 and up health

This is just my idea for health, but maybe characters can learn new techniques and abilities as they level up.

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Auran4/15/15 10:54am
i was thinking a little on the small scale like 50 health for players and going from there.

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Auran4/15/15 10:55am
And im going to make another account so i can keep my story telling from my playing

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Aman37124/15/15 10:56am
As for attacks and damage, should there be some kind of lvl up system that grants plys more health and new attacks/techniques?

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Auran4/15/15 11:52am

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Kirito4/15/15 2:27pm
sure I'll join-- character on my profile

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Auran4/15/15 2:29pm
Alright and we need to slow down a bit

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Aman37124/15/15 2:35pm
I'm gonna wait for Auran to post :3

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