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Subscribe to this thread Nowhere to go created by Auran on April 14, 2015

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Auran5/3/15 1:02pm
"What is being transported is not of concern as long as you no contact with what is inside you should be safe," I say calmly as I take a drink of water.

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Aman37125/3/15 1:06pm
Giving Auran an uncertain and slightly suspicious glair, the Dingo then said, "Why not?"

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Auran5/3/15 1:10pm
"Just cause, you will figure out what it is when you drop it off." I say bluntly "And make sure they give you what they owe me,"

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Aman37125/3/15 1:18pm
Ace knew that this person was hiding something, but said, "I guess you are now steering my boat, then." The Dingo didn't want to cause any trouble, since it would most likely end badly. Besides, he was already looking for someone.

He would see that this person wanted and get it out of the way, with his suspicions building.

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Auran5/3/15 1:23pm
"So will you accept this job?" I say and turn to the three of them

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Kirito5/3/15 1:31pm
"Depends." I shrugged. "What's in it for me?"

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Auran5/3/15 1:33pm
"Hm, It depends on what you want, I have access to many things"

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Kirito5/3/15 1:35pm
"Yeah, but you must have an idea. I don't like vague." I replied.

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Auran5/3/15 1:39pm
I smile "If you do this I will make it worth your time, how does 2000 lucres sound to you all?"

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Kirito5/3/15 1:41pm
I lean in. "It sounds like small money. You'd better be willing to pay a more...hefty fee."

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Aman37125/3/15 1:56pm
"I require nothing." Ace said with a huff, "I'm in."

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Auran5/3/15 2:05pm
I lean towards zero "That is a small number but I can get much more now do we have a deal," I lean back and turn to ace "Great, Welcome aboard!"

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Kirito5/3/15 2:30pm
I lean back. "erghhh. Fine, I'm in." I stabbed my knife into the table and held out my hand.

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Auran5/3/15 2:35pm
i take his hand and say "I will have a friend of mine travel with you to make sure you get the place you need to get to, Areon go get him," Areon jumps up and flies out the window.

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Kirito5/3/15 2:40pm
"Alright, then. What's the destination?" I asked, putting my hands behind my head.

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