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Subscribe to this thread Nowhere to go created by Auran on April 14, 2015

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Aman37124/16/15 6:35am
"Hello there." Ace said with a calm smile, fording his arms, "The name's Ace, and I assume this Neko belongs to you?" He had to say, Ace had never seen a Ryu-Neko this well trained before, since it was able to, in a way, communicate with it's owner.

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Auran4/16/15 7:50am
"He does, are there more coming? I expected him to bring more," I say calmly. "Areon would you go get them?" The Neko makes a movement as if to roll its eyes, it then jumps and flies to go get them, "Here walk with me lets get acquainted before i tell you why your here,"

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Aman37124/16/15 7:54am
With a raised eyebrow, the dingo followed Auran. Although he felt that he could trust this stranger, he knew he had to be prepared if anything happened. "So why are you in need of my assistance?" Ace then asked as he walked beside Auran.

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Auran4/16/15 7:57am
"I am not in need of your assistance Areon is a good judge of people and he chose who he felt was right" I said as I walk ahead of the dingo, i walk up to a hotel, "I am currently residing here would you like to come in?"

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Aman37124/16/15 8:01am
"Why not?" Ace said as he followed Auran. Ace wasn't used to people inviting him to their homes, but he went with it. He analyzed the Zen-styled hotel before him and made a smile. He enjoyed the architecture of the Kojiki district.

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Auran4/16/15 8:15am
We walk inside and i say to the Dreamkeeper behind the counter a lovely Female Brown Coyote "Hey can I have my key please, love?" She tosses a key to me and, we walk up the stairs to an odd numbered room, I unlock it and walk in the room is not something you would useually find in the Kojiki district, the bed was one that would be found in the Calypsa District Something quick thrown together that can be moved quickly and dissappear fast, and then there was a satchel and that was all there was to the room.

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Aman37124/16/15 8:18am
Ace looked around the room for a moment, then said on the bed to rest his tired legs.

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Auran4/16/15 8:21am
"Would you like a drink? water, Fermentae?" I ask as I reach to grab my bag.

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Aman37124/16/15 10:32am
"No thank you," Ace said as he sat, asking in a stirn tone, "So what do you need from me?"

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Auran4/16/15 10:57am
"Lets wait for the others to arrive," I say

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DalethFox4/21/15 7:25am
I look over the edge of the roof as the neighborhood slowly started to wake up and the residents slowly fill the streets. I look to the wolf next to me. "So, the Ruskol district is pretty rough huh?" I say, knowing very well how bad the district can be. I look at a scar on my wrist. I'm still trying to forget that day.

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Kirito4/23/15 7:17pm
I took out my knife a started fiddling with it mindlessly. "Yeah," I said lost in thought. "Yeah, you could say that."

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DalethFox4/24/15 6:04am
"I know the feeling, too. To constantly worry about what might happen next." I show him the large scar on my wrist. "I learned the hard way. I lost......" A single tear drops from my eye as I run my thumb over the scared tissue. "I lost everyone." A faint halo appears over my head, which tend to happen when I think of that day.

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Kirito4/24/15 7:10pm
"Well that's life I suppose," I said coldly. "Only the strongest survive." I rubbed my thumb slowly up the edge of the blade, the sunlight glinting off the hardened steel. The knife was illegal, but so long as I keep it out of view, it won't be a problem. The knife blade cut into the epidermis, drawing blood. This red and shining alert told me the blade was good and sharp. I quickly wiped off the blood and returned the knife to it's holster. I stood up slowly. "I'm gonna head off. I'd prefer it if you get off my roof please." And with that I slid down the sloping tiles and jumped as I reached the edge of the roof. As I fell, I stuck out my hands and rolled before springing back up. I quickly pulled up my rucksack and dusted myself off.

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Auran4/25/15 8:47am
As the fellow who just jumped off the roof is putting his ruck sack on a Neko flies up right past him to fox and motions to follow quickly and then lands on the fellows head. and then hangs down into his face and says "Mearp," and quickly jumps and flies in a specific direction.

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