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Subscribe to this thread Nowhere to go created by Auran on April 14, 2015

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DalethFox4/15/15 2:50pm
I walk over and grab another bottle of Fermentae and hand it to Ace "There ya go. Nice and cool." I say as I sit down on the floor by my room. "So what brings you to my neighborhood Ace? I don't think I've seen you around."

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Kirito4/15/15 2:51pm
It was something about the morning that made me at peace. Sitting on the rooftop on a traditional kojiki house, I breathed in the sweet air. I stared into my empty hands, as if forgetting something. A memory? Perhaps. I let my feet dangle off the edge of the roof, lost in thought.

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Aman37124/15/15 2:52pm
Ace take a long drink of the greatly refreshing bottle of Fermentae, Ace says, "I traveled here to look for someone. A person who I care for."

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Auran4/15/15 2:58pm
"Mearp," the neko pops it's head up curiously and sniffs the air.

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DalethFox4/15/15 3:08pm
"Hmmmm, well I'm sure that there's someone around here that needs some caring." I say looking at my front door. I stand up and stand in the frame of the door looking up at a certain dreamkeeper on a certain roof.

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Aman37124/15/15 3:11pm
Ace put's down the bottle to avoid drinking too much. Although he wasn't that much of a fan of alcoholic drinks, his body felt much better from the refreshing bottle of Fermentae. He then noticed the Neko from the corner of his eyes and said with a friendly smile, "Hey there."

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Auran4/15/15 3:15pm
"Mearp," He hops into Aces lap and nudges him to move

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Aman37124/15/15 3:17pm
Ace couldn't help but feel that the Neko wanted him to go somewhere. Despite that, the dingo help the critter in his arms and said, chuckling, "You want me go follow you, do you now?"

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Auran4/15/15 3:18pm
"Mearp," he says and jumps and flies toward the door way

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Aman37124/15/15 3:20pm
Ace get's up and follows, calling over to Daleth, "I'll be right back. This Neko here want's to lead me somewhere."

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DalethFox4/15/15 3:27pm
"I'll catch up with you in a sec" I say as I start to walk over to the building with the Dreamkeeper. After I'm sure that no one is around to see, i use my powers to propel myelf up to the young wolf. I sit down next to him. "Why the long face?" I say to the boy.

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Kirito4/15/15 3:39pm
The haze over my mind lifted in an instant. I shot up and turned to the stranger. "Who the hell are you?! And why are you on my property?!" I asked bewildered, pulling a short knife from the leg holster on my thigh.

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DalethFox4/15/15 4:32pm
I remain calm and unconcerned at the sight of the knife. "I'm not here to fight, bud. I just thought you could use some company out here, that's all." I say in a cool, calm manner. I look above the pagoda roofs at the Tower as it stands high above the clouds, looming over us.

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Kirito4/15/15 4:56pm
I spun my knife several times before returning it to my holster. "Sorry. You scared the hell out of me." I sat down again, my heatrate hovering in the 120s from the sudden release of epinephrine the scare caused. "I'm not from around here; I needed some new scenery. Out in Ruskol, you'd have to be careful if anyone gets within four meters of you."

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Auran4/15/15 6:19pm
"Mearp," The Neko says as if trying to communicate to Ace and checks to see if he is still following and he is and keeps going forward, the Neko does a whistle and A stranger ahead of him lifts his arm out and says "Hello Areon, your back did you find anyone that could help?" "Mearp," the Neko says to respond and sits on my shoulder. I turn around and says "Hello, I am Auran, nice to meet you."

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