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Subscribe to this thread Nowhere to go created by Auran on April 14, 2015

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Auran4/14/15 7:54pm
In the Kojiki district, home to symmetrical, Zen-style buildings, a culture focused on balance, and some of the most talented Ryu-Neko trainers and breeders of all of Anduruna.

There lives a young Dreamkeeper who is about to wake to a start in the morning.

Daleth Fox Wakes up one morning to an unusual alarm, all he knows its not the one he set on his data scroll the night before he wakes up and sees an Ryuu-Nekos an air one, staring right at him and then it flies and sits on the chair next to his desk and waits for him to get up.

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DalethFox4/15/15 11:48am
I sit up and gaze at the Neko. This has happened before, but it's usually just the noise of them outside or the sound of playing in the neighboring houses, never like this. I get up and walk over to my desk to examine my new winged guest. "How did you get in here you little scamp?" I say as I stroke its soft, light-grey fur.

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Auran4/15/15 12:10pm
The neko lets him pet him and then flies over to the dor tugs the handle a little bit and the flies to the window and jumps out and flies to the over hang over his front door.

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Aman37124/15/15 1:26pm
As the residence of the Kojiki district enjoy their typical mornings, a lone figure made his way into the district on foot. He was a light blue dingo, six feet tall, and had a serious yet peaceful aura around him. Although the dingo was exhausted from his travel, he showed it only by the sweat on his face and was in need of a good refreshment.

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DalethFox4/15/15 1:33pm
After watching the Neko fly out the window, I get dressed in my usual attire of a light grey tank top and White Hamaka, before walking out into my main room, seeing as I have a Oriental syled home. I walk over to my fridge and grabe a bottle of Forreyd Sweet-Apple Fermentae, then proceding to step outside to reunite with my new avian friend. I open the door to see his fluffy face. I sit down on my porch.

"So what brings you to my home, little one?" I ask as I sip my drink.

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Auran4/15/15 1:53pm
"Mearp," the Neko replies and jumps and goes and tugs a dingo's hood as he starts walking by and starts to tug on him.

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Aman37124/15/15 2:15pm
Ace was taken by surprise from the critter and juried a little before seeing that it was a cuddly Ryu. "Hey there, fellow." the dingo said to it with a smile.

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Auran4/15/15 2:18pm
It pulls Ace to a specific house where a fox was standing in the door way "Mearp," it says cheerfully

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Aman37124/15/15 2:19pm
"It this your owner?" Ace asked wit a chuckle, seeing the fox before. He never expected his day to begin like this.

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DalethFox4/15/15 2:20pm
"Oh! Hello there." I say to the dingo being pulled towards me. I offer him a handshake as I laugh at the Neko's struggle to move him. "My name is Daleth" I says to the dingo.

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Aman37124/15/15 2:24pm
"The name's Ace," The dingo replied, grabbing the Neko to cradle it in one arm as he shook Daleth's hand with the other, "Is this your Neko, by any chance?"

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Auran4/15/15 2:24pm
"Mearp," the neko says and files above them

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DalethFox4/15/15 2:33pm
"No actually. I woke up to him this morning. He's quite a curious little one." I say, taking swig of my Fermentae. "Would you like to come inside Ace? I have food and Fermentae." I offer him.

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Aman37124/15/15 2:41pm
"If you insist," Ace said as he followed Daleth into his house, mostly eager for a refreshing drink. After observing the interior of his oriental styled home, Ace said with an impressed smirk, "This is a pleasant place you have here, Daleth."

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Auran4/15/15 2:44pm
The Ryuu-Neko follows the 2 in and says "Mearp," Urgently as if he has somewhere to be

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