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Subscribe to this thread Traveling RP created by Auran on April 14, 2015

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Auran4/14/15 2:11pm
I am planning on starting an rp that travel through out the districts and i was wondering before i got it started who would like to join? I mean be in one of the opening posts

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DalethFox4/14/15 3:16pm
Meeeeeeeeeee ^_^

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Aman37124/14/15 4:16pm
I would love to join :D

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Auran4/14/15 4:21pm
I just need a little assistance

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Aman37124/14/15 4:23pm
What kind of assistance, may I ask?

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Auran4/14/15 4:57pm
I would like your description of kojiki as if you were starting your own rp or story of it

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Aman37124/14/15 5:07pm
let me see here...

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Aman37124/14/15 5:12pm
"The Kojiki district, home to symmetrical, Zen-style buildings, a culture focused on balance, and some of the most talented Ryu-Neko trainers and breeders of all of Anduruna."

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Auran4/14/15 5:14pm
ok cool

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Aman37124/14/15 5:15pm
Is your RP gonna start out in the Kojiki district?

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Auran4/14/15 5:17pm

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Aman37124/14/15 5:18pm
Interesting :3

Also, if you need help thinking of any ideas for villains I could share some ideas with you if you want.

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