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Subscribe to this thread Introducing the Manipulator created by DalethFox on April 14, 2015

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DalethFox4/14/15 7:53am
Name: Daleth Fox


Home District: Kojiki

Height: 5'11"

Eye Color: Vioet w/ black sclera

Power: Manipulation of Energy

Short Bio:
The 17 year-old Native to the Kojiki District, Daleth has always had a keen sense balance and character.

Even though he was raised in a Zen-oriented district, he never had the same pacifistic nature of his neighbors. He instead has a firm but gentle nature, never seeking a fight, but being sure to end one if it arises.

His power is the manipulation of energy, either produced by him or present in the environment. He is able to do a multitude of tasks with this power, but at a price. The greater the maipulation, the more his body is taxed.

Large scale manipulations can incapacitate Daleth for days at a time.

He knows of his power, keeping it well hidden from the authorities and prying eyes, allowing only those close to him to know the full truth.

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