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Subscribe to this thread Introducing, the Outlander. created by AriaOutlander on February 12, 2013

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AriaOutlander2/12/13 6:08pm
Hi! I'm Aria, and I come from spa-- South of Anduruna! Way down past the Diony Desert, though. You see this? What I'm wearing? I made it myself! I (theoretically, unless david says no you don') know allll about the desert, down there! If you need someone willing to take you there, I'll be in Kojiki, by the port, down, by the, you know, the.. oh, whatever.

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skarajwulf3/3/13 7:54pm
i dont anything about many deserts but i hope i wont NEED to know anything as im not a fan of traveling deserts (even thought i haven't traveled) anyway yeah thought I'd say WHATS UP? xP have you ever traveled in a cold place before may i ask on here as i don't trust steam AT the moment for freezing >,.,>

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