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Subscribe to this thread Introducing the Thief created by Auran on April 12, 2015

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Auran4/12/15 6:14pm
Here is my DreamKeeper, Though i still have to come up with his backstory.
His name is Auran he is a fox based DK.
He has not yet activated his power, and he most of the time keeps to himself.
He is 5ft 10inches tall
Bright Silver/blue eyes
He has grey/black fur
He wears nice black pants a long sleeve buttoned shirt with the sleeves rolled to just past his elbows with a black vest over top with nice shoes, and he wears a bright red scarf.
He has a deep fondness for books and always carries one, he has the bad habits of a thief and will a accidentally without thinking grab from your pocket.
He is mostly kind and caring but do not anger him.
He has a pet Air Ryuu-Neko named Areon.

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