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Subscribe to this thread King for a Day created by CoolCoyote on April 12, 2015

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CoolCoyote4/12/15 9:51am
I have an idea, just an idea mind you and nothing too set in stone yet, but i have an idea for an elimination styled game.

The setting is off cannon from the DK story line, on a small island nation of maybe 10-20 thousand subjects.

The king has recently passed away, having no heirs the nobles of the court each stand an equal standing of gaining the throne.

Each player would assume the role of one noble or other dreamkeepers who have a fair chance of taking the throne...and keeping it.

here is where i am hammering out the details about how exactly to go about taking the thrown.

First and foremost each player would give us an intro post to describe their character and their personality.

The intro post would stand appart from others. This would be a game, not really an rp so you wouldnt build off of another players post.

Second, each player is given a number of influence. influence is used to buy ways to bump off the other players.

Did i mention your characters can be assassinated? :3

Yes, at the begining of each turn i will post the method of how the next player bites the dust.

The players then pm me, paying influence to avoid that fate. The player...or players if there is a tie, who spend the least influence then will either A. Flat out die and write a post detailing how their alt meets their dark but humorous pg -pg13 end.

Or B. We make the game even more complicated by giving people stats and roll dice to avoid that fate and then post your epic escape.

And no. Influence never comes back so spend it wisely :3

What do you guys think XD too complicated? Not complucated enough? I am open to suggestions even if its to scrap the idea completely :D

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ZycantAlpha4/12/15 10:23am
It's certainly an interesting idea, though there might need to be a way to bring back influence. Otherwise, there's a chance that everyone runs out of influence before the game ends. Maybe something like 50% of what you spent returns at the end of each round. That way the number is always decreasing, but it won't run dry as quickly.

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Kirito4/12/15 10:52am
sounds fun actually. I agree with Zy, influence should replenish in some way.

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CoolCoyote4/12/15 11:46am
Hmm that is a good idea. I am thinking that eventually the game will boil down to two players left standing, the person with the most influence left becomes king and as a reward gets to decide the other remaining players fate good or bad then the remaining player spoofs his reaction to it.

How do you guys feel about this idea?

I post the fate that awaits the losing player.

Players spend influence towards eliminating one of the other players or towards proctecting themselves.

The player with the most points set to eliminate him is forced to spoof his alt being taken out of the game (fatally or non fately) or if we are using stats we roll against it. If the player wins the roll he poses the thwarted attempt on his life and takes half of the influence spent to bump him off.

If he fails then his remaining influence is split evenly with the remaining players.

Then the surviving players spoof their alts going about the day, plotting, being parinoid etc etc. Then the next round begins.

Or did i make it over complicated again XD

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CoolCoyote5/8/15 11:22am
ah! there it is. I lost track of where i put this thread

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coolbreeze8810/3/15 12:18pm
I agree with kirito on having influence replenish in a certain amount at the end of each round. but I think that instead of just building influence by doing nothing, how about we introduce a gambling mechanic known as "leveraging".

it works like this, you spend your existing influence to "strike a deal" with another player.

if the target player agrees to your deal you are given 2 dice:

if both dice are odd, all the influence you spent goes to the target player (a double cross if you will hehe)

if one dice is even an the other odd, both players gain influence equal to influence spent. (mutual gain)

if both dice are even, the target player loses an amount equal to that of the influence spent while the player who intiated the deal gets to keep both the influence spent and the target players lost influence (deception/blackmail)

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