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Subscribe to this thread Power curiosity? created by Auran on April 11, 2015

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Auran4/11/15 8:18pm
it would be limited and energy consuming so he could only do so much untill he takes time to train it

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RashallVetkay4/11/15 8:24pm
Yeah I already had that in mind haha. As yet my DK doesn't know his power yet either, which is what I have just explained actually lol.

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Kirito4/11/15 8:26pm
It is a very cool and unique power, I must say.

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Auran4/11/15 8:26pm
yea i was thinking when he first finds it out is when he is about to be attacked a shield would like pop up or something

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RashallVetkay4/11/15 8:28pm
Mine was my DK stepping out in front of someone about to take a hit and then hitting the opponent with a very hard aura surrounded uppercut...

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Auran4/11/15 8:30pm
oh cool i didnt think about anything like that

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Auran4/11/15 8:32pm
huh funny this is my first day on here and people can be so nice

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RashallVetkay4/11/15 8:40pm
All it takes is the correct question at times lol. I actually created a whole host of DK around my personal one. I can never just create one I needed him to have a background and a reason for living in the city, he's not originally from Anduruna, but instead from another city beyond the Starfall Mts.

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Auran4/11/15 8:41pm
Oh im trying to figure out which district he should be from could you help? i would like to know more about each district. and if you would want to you could PM me.

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CoolCoyote4/11/15 11:08pm

Welcome to the server! I deleated my previous post simply because i noticed my own questions were already answered ^-^ as for districts...i have no idea! :D

I see you like rp though, huzzah! What kind of rp do you like to do (so we know which kind of stories you might be interested in :3 )

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Auran4/12/15 6:28am
well im not directly interested in any stories i would gladly join anyone who would let me

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Auran4/13/15 8:37am
So one more power related question does anyone know more about the Ryuu-Nekos, then what is said?

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Aman37124/13/15 8:43am
There was this one guy I head about who trailed his Ryuu-Neko to shoot fire balls XD

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Auran4/13/15 8:45am
ok kinda what i mean is like the fire water ones can shoot corisponding element rock can dig spark generates static, can the air ones generate air or like move air at a higher speed?

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RashallVetkay4/13/15 5:41pm
The Air ones I believe was said to be able to fly and I think that is it, not to sure though.

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