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Dreamkeepers Forums - Power curiosity?

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Subscribe to this thread Power curiosity? created by Auran on April 11, 2015

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Auran4/11/15 1:12pm
Would an Aura based power not be allowed?

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Kirito4/11/15 1:54pm
Depends on the power and capabilities I suppose. What do you have in mind?

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RashallVetkay4/11/15 2:10pm
There are many things that can be Aura based, something that I'm looking into right now actually.

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Auran4/11/15 2:17pm
I was kinda thinking like they could solidify it to make like a weapon or armor.

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Auran4/11/15 4:28pm
Do you think that could be canon?

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Kirito4/11/15 6:54pm
Yes, I believe so. A dreamkeepers power is only limited by the imagination (taken from a canon source, I forget where. Somewhere on the site.).

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Auran4/11/15 6:55pm
Oh that is cool, Yea he wont have it unlocked yet though.

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Kirito4/11/15 6:58pm
As long as you don't godmod it you'll be fine :-)

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Auran4/11/15 6:59pm
thats great

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RashallVetkay4/11/15 7:53pm
I can't really see making weapons out of it per-say, but that's just me :)

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Kirito4/11/15 7:55pm
I can see CQC weapons, but not projectile. Akthough if you've seen SoulEater, I imagine an aura gun would work the same as Death the Kid's pistol ammo.

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RashallVetkay4/11/15 8:05pm
I see aura's as more of an enhancing tool, such as giving a sword the ability to carve through tougher materials such as the power-fields around many Warhammer 40k weapons. You could probably manage to do the same to a single round of a rifle, but it would require unbroken concentration from the caster this can also go for casting armor on others.

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Kirito4/11/15 8:13pm
I see aura as almost a liquid that the user of this power solidifies into what he needs. However, like you said, it would require unbroken concentration to uphold.

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Auran4/11/15 8:13pm
oh it would only be melee based weapons or extremely simple ranged such as like a bow

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RashallVetkay4/11/15 8:16pm
I see it more as in a projection form, in that it is projected several centimeters to several inches off of the wearer/object. The caster could also project them as a way to block incoming attacks, but only for so long.

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