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Subscribe to this thread Lackadaisy Patreon is up! created by DanWithTheHat on April 8, 2015

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DanWithTheHat4/8/15 9:03pm
Tracy Butler, the Artist of Lackadaisy has made a Patreon to help her develop the comic full time.

For those of you who don't know what Lackadaisy is, its a comic about a bunch of gangsters (all illustrated as cats) in 1920's St. Louis who own a speak easy and doing a hilariously terrible job at it. The story, art, and the humor are top notch. Next to DK, it is one of my favorite comics out there right now. It is definitely worth a look.

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Womp4/9/15 10:28am
Holy crap! She's already on her way to the full-time milestone.

I was afraid that Tracy had moved on from Lackadaisy. It's great to see the fanbase support her and allow her to spend more time on it again. I'll make sure to chip in as well.

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MobileCrusader4/9/15 10:58am
As much as i like the comic's art and characters, I dont trust Tracy the least bit. I also dont trust Patreon.

Dave is literally the only artist I would support on Patreon (Rick Griffin is a close one, but not quite). Hes already proven his ability to put out comics consistently, even with a full time job.

I dont know, maybe its just my inner channer shining through, but she wont get a cent from me.

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Prometheus4/9/15 11:02am

I literally don't have a cent to put forth towards anyone using Patreon. And, the only artists I'm willing to support are those who either work on comics like Lackadaisy or release their art to the public after a certain amount of time. Artists who use Patreon as just another paywall method, instead of a fundraiser, really get under my skin.

Anyway, what don't you like about Tracy that you won't donate to her? Has she been known to take donations for the comic and still take forever to update it?

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MobileCrusader4/9/15 11:06am
I think that comment is framed poorly. Tracy is more or less fine, Its more a personal crusade against Patreon.

I will list my complaints against her if you wish, but they are minor IMO. Mostly just the fact that she is willing to put out sketches or complain about not having time instead of dedicating that time to pushing out a page.

Edit: Given, I dont follow her heavily so I dont know if my handle on the situation is true or just the victim of unfortunate circumstance.

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Prometheus4/9/15 11:17am

Ah, I see. I have my own dislikes toward Patreon. I would only be willing to support those who keep to their schedules and use the service for how it should be used. Hopefully, Tracy will be able to stay on the comic now that she's getting support.

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MobileCrusader4/9/15 11:29am
If I am going to pay an artist outside the traditional model, I want to maximize the money they get. Thats one reason I dont like Patreon's model. And I find the business itself seedy.

I have seen Patreon go bad too many times to have any confidence in its system. Maybe Im just too suspicious, dont trust enough. I dont know.

also, not like i have much money to throw at tit anyway

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Prometheus4/9/15 12:06pm

I really liked the whole concept of Patreon when the site first started, then furry artists completely turned me off to it after it got perverted.

Well, let's not stink up the thread any further with Patreon hate. There are artists there who use the site legitimately, so it's not all bad. ^^

Anyway, back to Lackadaisy. I'm glad to hear there is at least an effort to get it fit into a more smooth schedule. Crowdfunding might just do the trick.

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MobileCrusader4/9/15 12:07pm
Hopefully this model work out for Tracy. Id love to see more updates to the series.

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Womp4/9/15 1:12pm
Only time will tell if she will start releasing pages on a regular basis. The main reason she wasn't updating the comic was because she was wrapped up in other projects to ensure that she was still making a living. She wasn't earning much of anything from Lackadaisy aside from merchandise sales, and doing a story-based webcomic (especially one of such quality) requires a lot of planning and time investment. The steady income from Patreon should allow her to focus on the comic instead of taking extra projects to make ends meet.

I know that a lot of people have jumped on the Patreon bandwagon without really thinking about what it is other than another potential source of income. It seems to be the flavor of the month on FA especially. Tracy's Patreon has a specific goal, and I have no problem donating towards that goal as long as she makes good on her promises.

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DanWithTheHat4/9/15 4:51pm
Out of all the Patreons out there I think this one is probably one of the least risky ones to back. She has a clear goal on why she is doing one, the rewards are straight forward and easily do-able for her, and she already has a fan base that pretty much ensures it will be successful.

Womp pretty much told the story already but, before this, she was working in the game industry doing freelance art for various games. From what I know of the game industry, it consumes your entire life until the game launches and working freelance, you are in constant crunch mode. Because of that, she barely any time to work on Lackadaisy hence the extremely slow update cycle the past couple of years.

I think this Patreon is more of a risk to her to be honest. Quitting a job with a steady paycheck to work on a comic where people can pull their funding at anytime is a huge risk. It really shows that she is serious about continuing this comic to the end. The risk for me donating 5 bucks a month comparatively is very tiny.

I treat Patreon the same way as I treat Kickstarter, its good tool for honest people to raise awareness and funds for their product when the traditional methods are not working for them. Its up to the consumer to determine if they are getting their money's worth. Of course, if you throw money at random projects without research into both the product and the person making it, you will get burned. I've been following Lackadaisy long enough to know that Tracy will not take the money and run.

In other news. It has reached $2882 for this month in a day!

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ezioauditore974/10/15 3:15pm
Yeah,I'm going to have to agree with Dan there.Making the decision she did was a heart wrenching and gutsy course of action and I would like to help do my part to see that such a wonderful cartoonist's gamble to make more excellent comics is a fruitful endeavor.

@Mobile I think you're a cool guy overall,but be a little more understanding please of Tracy.She worked her butt off with her job in the game industry and though she had a strong drive to do art when she wasn't on the clock she's human too.Granted to be a comic artist in the first place one has to have a tenacious mindset for actually doing art,but they need sleep and breaks too regardless of how much love they are willing to dole out for their projects.For one of Tracy or Dave's caliber it does take time. Nobody's forcing you to support anybody on Patreon,but the cost of living is quite high for anybody nowadays and out of my disposable budget given the amount of sheer enjoyment I have derived from her comic it is a more than proportionate fee of money to help her out a little bit.

Besides she actually contemplated running one compared to those artists who started one up ASAP(Not that there's anything wrong with that)and is offering some fairly generous incentives so far as Patreon rewards go anyways. I hope when Dave and Liz possibly start one that they garner a fair amount of revenue as well.

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