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Subscribe to this thread Dreamkeeper Characters we dont know about yet created by Kymastrider on April 6, 2015

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Kymastrider4/6/15 10:10am
Well Volume 4 isn't out yet, but I thought it would be fun to start a new topic about discussing characters we don't know about yet.

Someone mentioned that Dave said this poster is all the characters that appear in the first 4 volumes (the first 4 volumes only being the first part in the epic Dreamkeepers story)

Now anyone whp's read the first 3 volumes would probably recognize a lot of these character's already, but lets play Where's Waldo for a minute and let's take a look at some character's we haven't seen or know about yet.


Middle left- I think most of us are recognize as troika, and I think a good deal of us are familiar with who Karo is even if he hasn't made his big move in the comic yet.

But there's afew other characters we haven't been introduced to yet, one guy at the bottem who looks like a seahorse, and a guy who looks like a seagull or a raven (I do know he was in one of the preview blogs though im not familiar with his role yet)

There's also a girl who looks like a white rabbit, and a guy who looks like an ox with a spike collar.

For some reason I take into account that something's really messed up with Kalie (is she using her power? but she doesn't have a halo?)


Top right- some guy who looks like a ram in a red and black suit who I assume is captain of the city guard. There's also a politition behind him who I remember on Scinter's monitor who was a confirmed dark dreamkeeper.

Middle right- there's that meerkat guy who looks I believe is suppose to be captain of the shocks in volume 4 (yes I know they had names in the blog-previews I just cant remember them off the top of my head)


and finally in the middle- I think were familiar with most of these nightmare's, lord void, scuttle, nabonidus, tendril, big red.

However there is one more nightmare among them, right infront of nabonidous and behind tendril and big red. He doesn't have a face, and has two long spike arms and two long spike wings. I wonder who he is and what where we'll see him on volume 4?


Anyway I thought it would be interesting to discuss, some of these character's we have yet to see.

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Prometheus4/6/15 1:35pm
The Troika raven is named Rumour, not sure who the yellow seahorse is. The bull and rabbit were in the nightclub as a bodyguard and a waitress, respectively. Kalei is going through some kind of change, clearly.

The trooper CO is Cal, Commander rank.

The unknown Nightmare is the Mokoi in its true (?) form. So, the deadliest of the Nightmares' assassins is getting some action.

That should clear things up. ^^

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Kymastrider4/6/15 4:16pm
but if you look in the background in the upper right corner you can see the mokoi behind this new nightmare I mentioned. So is it really the Mokoi or some new nightmare? I don't know why it would be there twice then.

come to think of it, another character we don't know anything about is that new orphan that so far has only appeared in the GNS, that blackish kangaroo. Weave seen him in the background of Vol 1 and Vol 3, but so far we know next to nothing about him, heck he hasn't even spoken yet in the GNS.

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Prometheus4/6/15 4:29pm

This piece of concept art shows the Mokoi in both of those forms. It could be possible there's more than one of them.

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Kymastrider4/6/15 5:49pm
Unless the moth part of just the eye part of the mokoi that detaches from it. Basically being two parts of the same entity working separately to acoplish it's goal, if the body part can function separately from the eye/listening part then Igrath had every reason to rush Mace & the girls away (via random transporter) as quickly as possible

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BryanDimmsdale4/10/15 11:54pm
There's anonther Shocktrooper besides Tinsel that seems to be a dark dreamkeeper as well.

And what about Steve?

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Kirito4/11/15 6:34am
Ha, Steve. There's an old one. I honestly don't know what to think of him.

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Kymastrider4/11/15 6:53am
which one is steve?

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Kirito4/11/15 8:42am
The Mysterious White-Eyed orphan AKA "Steve" - Dubbed as such by PotatoFox, was brought to the forum's attention by user 305, Asora, on July 2nd, 2014. The character appears directly after Paige's murder, albeit for only one slide. It is unknown what his purpose is or why he's there. Speculation continues. The discussion occured here:

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Kymastrider4/11/15 8:57am
Oh Steve, this guy. So far weve only seen him with the rest of the orphans in this page, and he has an appearance similar to a skunk

There's also another Silent orphan we don't know anything about, He hasn't appeared in the prelude yet but we see him interacting with the other orphans afew times, he cant be steve because have completely different bodys. This guy looks sort of like a kangaroo.

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