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ZeroLogic3/25/15 12:25pm
Born in the Ruskol District, this Dreamkeeper was raised in the cold and harsh winter conditions. This would not have been a problem if it wasn't for the shanty home he lived in. It was drafty and barely heated, however his father, Jonathan Irish, was a part of the Scout's Guild. He would explore the unexplored outer and inner reaches of the world and would bring back minimal money for the family to survive off of.
Soon, Jacob was a full fledged teen, looking up to his father and longing for the adventures that he experienced. He would sneak off every day, improving his skills in resourcefulness and causing his mother, Marry Irish, great worry. Soon, she forbid his wanderings and he was confined to the home, yard, and safe parts of the city.
One day, as he waited by one of the many city gates for his father, he was approached by an officer of the law. He was questioned about a person who had been reported missing that day...this person was Jonathan Irish. The family was grieved and they found themselves in a financial crisis. They lost their home and most of their property.
The Scout's guild, his father's old place of work, took them in. Jacobs mother was cared for, however Jacob had to work for them if they were to continue doing so. He now is a full fledged Scout, still learning of course...and still searching for his father along the way.

Orange fur with lighter tipped ears, scruffy tail that is also a lighter orange on one side, Wears a green jacket with a white shirt underneath, tan cargo pants, a brown leather belt with a sack strapped to his waste, wears jacket and shirt tucked in but mostly it hangs out in spots, hair is a milky white and is spiked up a tad bit to the left, brown eyes...That's all

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