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Subscribe to this thread Hello! created by Badept on March 23, 2015

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Badept3/23/15 10:09pm
Hello there! I'm Badept, and I'm new to the forums! I've been following Dreamkeepers for quite some time now (I'd guess a year or so), and I'd finally like to get involved with the forums here. Long time lurker, first time poster and all that.

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MobileCrusader3/24/15 6:08am
Hi there! Im Mobile, one of the four Moderators of this place. I also moderate /r/Dreamkeepers on reddit. We have a Thursday chat every week at 9:00 PM EST and a Steam group that never gets used.

Our little slice of the internet is pretty nice, and I hope you find enjoyment out of coming here.

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ST34LTH3/24/15 6:19am
Howdy, I'm also one of the mode... I mean... Silly folks of this nice slice of paradise ;3 (Seriously though, I'm no mod; just a very silly individual).

I hope you'll have a fun and enjoyable time here and like Mobile sorta' mentioned, we have other medias we use for communicating as well. If you are the gaming type, we have a ton of people here who play Payday 2, Civilization 5, Risk of Rain, etc. and who'd all love to have you onboard.

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ZycantAlpha3/24/15 9:07am
Welcome to the group, Badept!

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Badept3/24/15 10:50am
I didn't know there was a steam group. I'll look into that. I'm definitely glad I joined the forums.

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DanWithTheHat3/24/15 9:36pm
Welcome to the forums Badept! I'm one of the other moderators here along with Mobile. Best time as any to join. With volume 4 coming soon, this place will become more and more active. I hope you have a great time!

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origamifan3/25/15 6:22am
Welcome among us!

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Kirito3/25/15 7:33pm
Welcome to the forums! I'm Kirito, but feel free to call me Kit or Ki like many others do. You'll no doubt see me around because I'm especially active. That being said, please, if you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me. I recommend you read and understand the rules and guidlines set in place for users to abide by. We have thursday chats with Dave Lillie, author and artist of DK and I do hope to see you there. Have a excellent time and enjoy what our community has to offer!


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crazyhead423/25/15 9:48pm
Hey! I'm CRAZY. You will AdDrEsS me as such, but MoStLy because it's ShOrTeR than crazyhead42. Unless you are allergic to nonsense, I'm not actually InTiMiDaTiNg and hold no power. But if you are, you may want to invest in allergy medication, because I don't stop. EVER. Except to zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I am easily drawn to NoNsEnCe, and am not easily manipulated... for long...

So um... Welcome to the forum. Hope you are another nOnSeNcE element like me! If not... you've been warned. #rAndom

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