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Subscribe to this thread The Ultimate Booze (a practice RP with Aman3712) created by ZeroLogic on March 23, 2015

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ZeroLogic3/23/15 3:13pm
First thing's first, Character Intro

Name- Jacob Irish
Appearance/bread- Feline, orange with lighter tipped ears, brown eyes, small triangle nose, scruffy tail (half a lighter shade than the other), Green jacket and tan cargo pants, brown belt and sack attached to it, Shirt and coat are half tucked into pants but half hanging out, Foggy pointed hair (straight up)
Age- around 16
Occupation- Currently working for Scout's Guild/ for more info on why visit my Dreamkeeper page
Strengths- Resourceful, Agile, talkative
Weakness- Weaker, Not armed, Very slow to trust someone new

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Aman37123/23/15 5:50pm
Name: Kyle Ma'Joi

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 5'6"

Appearance: Blue jaguar with yellow eyes and wears a green tank top along with multi pocket brown pants, a brown travel backpack, and green and brown beads on his wrists and around his neck.

Power: Kinetic Energy Manipulation

Personality: Kyle is a very rambunctious and carefree keeper. Being as friendly as he is, he is very social and loves to interact and make friends. However, because of his simple minded nature, Kyle can be reckless and prone to make foolish decisions. His simple minded nature however makes him fearless, even from death. Kyle is an adventurous type and loves to explore; he loves a good challenge and finds change exciting. He also loves to fight, using his agility and playful nature to his advantage. Kyle will never back down from a fight, regardless of his physical condition.

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ZeroLogic3/23/15 6:04pm
(Craaaap! I forgot to put in my power... oh well it'll come up later"

Jacob found himself in the noisiest, craziest, and most overwhelming place he could imagine...the middle of a party on Party Island. He watched as creatures feline and fox alike jumped to a repetitive beat and lost control of their bodies. Trash was thrown and mixed with balloons and confetti. The entirety of the once empty beach was alive with the commotion.

" A Party...on party island...why am I not surprised?" Jacob commented as he pushed his way through.

He was not the largest of Dreamkeepers for his age, however this did help at times. Except, now wasn't one of those times. He could hardly see anything in front of him except for feet and l few tails that would whip his face. Even though Jacob was considered "under age" he searched desperately for a bar or table of drinks, preferably around a higher class of individual, not just a common beach goer.

" Tinted glass, cork, and blue....tinted glass, cork, and blue..." Jacob repeated the description he was given hours earlier by his colleagues in the Scout's Guild

" Gah! They'll just throw themselves into a hangover anyways..." Jacob than imagined his superiors passed out on the ground back home. He snickered.
" Maybe that would't be so bad after all." He suddenly found his motivation heightened.

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Aman37123/24/15 8:04am
On the shoreline of Party Island, a blue jaguar who slept on a wooden plant floated towards the beach of the island, snoring asleep.

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ZeroLogic3/24/15 4:50pm
Jacob scanned the frantic scene, at least what he could see. It was a fuzzy image, but he swore that he caught site of some loafers through the forest of flip-flops and bare feet. If he was taught anything by the Scout' Guild, it was that wealthy folk liked to put themselves above others. A WEALTHY partier would isolate themselves and wear a classier form of attire.

He approached the shoes. They soon turned into a large lizard, a body guard. Beyond him, and a large amount of purple rope, was a recliner with a single birdlike animal laid out on it. Resting next to him, elevated by a table, glimmering in the scorching sun shine of Party Island, was a blue liquid in a small goblet. The bottle next to it, also containing blue glowing liquid, was corked and tinted Purple.

" The perfect Fermentea..." Jacob's eyes widened and he cracked a smile.

He soon felt a tingling sensation as a small silver ring appeared above his head. None of the partiers were taking notice, the bird and his guards were hardly moving was his chance. He cupped a small silver orb in his hands, it grew larger and larger until it was the full size of his palm.

" Aaaaaaaand...freeze." Jacob said triumphantly.

As he did so, a burst of invisible energy rippled through the air, causing minimal distortion. It passed over like a heat wave, and time seemed to stop. Time actually did stop! In the small roped in area, no breeze blew, no muscles twitched, and it was three twenty-five in the afternoon for a little longer than just a minute. The partiers had not noticed the sudden pause and Jacob carefully bent under the rope.

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Aman37123/24/15 4:58pm
The blue jaguar woke up to find himself o t he shoreline of Party Island. He looked around with drowsy eyes and said to himself, "Man, how long did I sleep?"

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ZeroLogic3/24/15 5:15pm
Jacob was behind the rope by now. The large body guard was still frozen as he passed by, not a green scale in motion on his body. Jacob simply walked by him and found himself face to bottle with his prize. The liquid glowed like the moon in the night sky and the bottle was perfectly crafted. Jacob quickly uncorked the fermentea.

" alright, now for the real test."

He took one small whiff of the drink and found himself dazed. He blinked his eyes rapidly, trying to stay on his feet. His nose scrunched do to the strong smell.

" Yah...that's it all right." He said finally letting his breath out after corking the bottle.

He turned to leave, confident that this would be a plan that FINALLY went off without a hitch. He ducked under the other side of rope and began to walk off, that's when he heard it.

" Jose!!!!" a voice shouted from behind him.

He tensed up as a large shadow darkened the sky above him. The partiers began to back away as they directed looks of shear terror to the object behind Jacob. He turned and found himself staring into the red eyes of a massive, suited, and angry lizard. The bird was up out of his chair, staying safely away from the "splatter zone".

" Heeeeeeeyyyyy Jose." Jacob said sheepishly smiling. He realized that his power had run out, his concentration had swayed.
" You know what, let me just start this off by saying....this isn't what it looks like."

The guard threw a punch at Jacob, he quickly ducked and rolled away, letting the fist imprint into the soft earth below.

" Yah or we could just skip to fighting part!" Jacob exclaimed angrily.

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Aman37123/24/15 5:28pm
Kyle made his way to the partying crowd of the island in hopes of finding something to drink, his mouth feeling a dry as a desert. After making his way though the crowd, he noticed that they were watching something. When he pushed himself through the crowd to get a closer look, he saw a large, brutish lizard facing off against a small orange feline. "Oh sweet!" Kyle said, if it was one thing he liked, it was fighting.

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ZeroLogic3/24/15 5:35pm
Jacob managed to dodge yet another blow from the brute. He was quick, this was true, but he also had his limits. This little escapade needed to end now. He looked around him for a solution. There was nothing but a wall of Dreamkeepers and some sand. Jacob tried to connect the dots.

" You're dead kid!" Exclaimed Jose.

He threw another blow that skimmed Jacob's hair as he ducked. Before he could throw another Jacob threw sand into his eyes. He shouted and cursed in pain as he stumbled backwards. The crows cleared a path for him as to not be crushed. Now he was distracted by his eyes, Jacob needed to act.

The bottle was still within his paws. He scanned the crowd and picked a random audience member, a blue jaguar. He hurled the bottle towards him, as it flew threw the air he called out, making sure the lizard beast could hear it clearly.

" Take it and run partner!"

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Aman37123/24/15 5:43pm
Without realizing, the bottle hit him on the forehead with a BONK! However, he was able to catch the bottle in his hands, half dazed. "Wh-wha?" Kyle said, rubbing his head as he was clueless to what was happening.

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ZeroLogic3/24/15 5:52pm
The lizard had regained his composer. At first he was confused, he found no bottle in Jacob's hands. He then turned to the Jaguar. His anger flared as he found his employer's finest of beverages cradled in his arms. He began the charge.

Jacob turned to the Jaguar and pointed in the other direction, " might wanna run now."

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Aman37123/24/15 5:56pm
Seeing the charging lizard, Kyle jumped over him and landed on his braud back. The jaguar then leaped off of the lizard's back, which made him fall face first onto the floor. Kyle then landed back onto the ground and said, still holding the bottle "Jeez, what was his problem?"

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ZeroLogic3/24/15 6:07pm
" I think he maaaaaaay want that bottle back." Jacob answered.

He than grabbed it from Kyle and trotted over to the downed lizard. He quickly opened the bottle and dripped a few drops of the liquid onto his head, the drops than slithered down to the lizards mouth.

" mmmmmmm." the lizard moaned in delight, apparently the fermentea also tasted great.

A few seconds after the lizards moan, his slightly raised head dropped to the sand with a thud, his tongue sticking out as he snored.

" Powerful stuff...anyways, thanks for the assist there." Jacob than began to sprint off into the crowd.

He disappeared and the crowd began to disperse, however the sudden silence was broken by an even more sudden cry from within the crowd. Jacob soon came barreling back through the mass of people, the bottle still in hand.

" Run guy!" he exclaimed to Kyle.

A loud crack was heard from in the crowd and sand was kicked up at Jacobs feet. the crowd ducked and three men, a bluer lizard, a white cat, and a red fox stood with firearms raised!

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Aman37123/24/15 6:11pm
"What the heck!?" Kyle exclaimed, confused from what was happening, "Wh-what's going on!?". What a way to wake up from a nap.

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ZeroLogic3/24/15 6:13pm
( Hey, this seems like a good stopping point, let's continue this tomorrow?)

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