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Subscribe to this thread Calling all forum members created by ZeroLogic on March 23, 2015

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ZeroLogic3/23/15 6:08pm
I actually just read it, I guess I'll just have to imply that it's "like Booze" in the RP. FEAR NOT, it will be called by its respected name.

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Aman37123/23/15 6:12pm
Gotta go to bed

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ZeroLogic3/23/15 6:17pm
Adios man!

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Aman37123/23/15 6:19pm
See you tomarrow :)

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ZeroLogic3/23/15 6:26pm
Yep, we've got a brand new adventure in font of us....FOR THE BOOZE! (Fermentea)

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Aman37123/24/15 6:11pm
Is it ok if I share a villain idea I have?

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ZeroLogic3/24/15 6:19pm
go ahead, shoot.

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Aman37123/24/15 6:22pm
I was thinking about this underworld crime lord named Foxy Minori, who owns this mega casino and has a great influence over the criminal underworld. He is also a dark Dreamkeeper and has a bunch of strong dudes working for him.

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ZeroLogic3/24/15 6:24pm
Sounds good, would this character be implanted into the RP we're doing?

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Aman37123/24/15 6:27pm
In some way, yes. Maybe the main characters interfere with one of his plans that revolves around the Fermentea.

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ZeroLogic3/24/15 6:29pm
I'm liking it... we'll start that little bit up tomorrow.

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Aman37123/24/15 6:29pm

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