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Dreamkeepers Forums - (WALL OF LINKS WARNING) Dreamkeepers Hunger Games simulator (funny)

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Subscribe to this thread (WALL OF LINKS WARNING) Dreamkeepers Hunger Games simulator (funny) created by Digitigraderobo on March 22, 2015

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Kirito9/25/15 1:20am

I thought they were random too at first. I asked Prometheus, and he revealed that it's the same every time. Still great nonetheless!

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Prometheus9/25/15 10:16am

It's only the same because I used the Save option. You can then use the code or URL link given to you to reload the same tournament. You will have to replay the whole tournament to see the results, but they will remain the same because you initially saved it.

If you want different results, then don't save it. ^^

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Prometheus9/28/16 9:12pm

LOL! So, it's been a while. XP Decided to do another tournament. You'll find some new and interesting characters in this one. I think you'll find some of the events to be hilarious. XD

For my own sake, I'm posting the save code here: nw0w38DC

Enjoy! :D

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