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Subscribe to this thread The ultimate nerd exercise created by ST34LTH on March 21, 2015

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ZycantAlpha3/27/15 9:55am
Dude, you are making serious headway.

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crazyhead423/27/15 10:32am
O.O Okay, I'm going to start to not want to play that game anymore. No NSFW content for me!

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ST34LTH3/27/15 12:17pm
I'd say it appears to have plenty of fair warning ahead of it, but I can't be sure it remains consistent, in that regard, throughout the game. Up until now, I've only seen a few examples of it, and all in one single riddle/level (level 18 to be exact).

The reason why I discovered it regardless of the warnings, was because I didn't trust the warnings, expecting them to try and redirect me from the real path... I was clearly wrong.

They seemed to cover the path forward at the time, but even that was off, hence why I said "if you are ALMOST about right." In essence, I was on the right track, just not down the right alley.

Still, if you have a problem with NSFW, I can only respect that. I did warn people for a reason after all.

@Zycant - Ty; I do remember small bits and bobs with a few of them (Since I'd once tried before, where I got to 20 or so, I think), at least enough to get the idea of what to look for, but I personally also think that some of the mid teens are easier than what comes before them.

One of the last ones I remember, included a twix wrapper, so I'm looking forward to reaching that point, since it'll be all new to me as well.

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