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Subscribe to this thread Personalities and their quirks created by ST34LTH on March 19, 2015

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ZycantAlpha3/21/15 8:44am
Ok, here's how I understand those questions.

6. You care more about the basic idea rather than the specific "how." You would know you're building an airplane, but you don't necessarily need to know every detail before building.

26. You tend to see "why" something occurring (Can see the forest for the trees).

39. I guess the best way to answer this is if someone put a gun to your head and said "you can only do what other people have done, or figure it out yourself" how would you rather do it.

Also, when they say "TV Soaps" they're referring to soap operas like "All My Children" or "General Hospital." I'm really not surprised you haven't heard of them. They're dramas revolving around ordinary life. It's also where the "evil twin" cliche is believed to have started, I think.

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ST34LTH3/21/15 2:09pm
@Crazyhead42 - Most of those kinds of questions ask if you are MORE or LESS inclined to do something than another, which means that if it is 50-50, no would always be the right answer. All these questions are very literal and as such just needs to be read and answered that way.

TV Soaps is mostly an old thing and the 'modern equivalent' for the purpose of this test, would just be your regular tv-series that either lacks or has only a minor plot(s) between the episodes.

@Wildcard - You provided the link to the test btw, not your results.

About the specifics of the questions:

6. Refers to your idealism, whether you prefer to think of a/the plan and how awesome it is, rather than how plaussible it really is and/or how to make it possible.

26. Much like Zycant said, it is about whether or not you're able to see the 'why' or 'how' behind something. As an example: Three countries are at war, they are about equally strong, but perhaps one is a bit stronger than the other two. That one country still doesn't just attack and swallow the weakest, because it'd leave itself weak to the other enemy, as a result of the conflict. To any outside observer, it is virtually a unanimous agreement that they don't really want to go to war with each others, but to those who can see and understand these "general principles, behind the specific occurence" they know it's caution that holds them all back.

Not being able to see this the general principles behind things isn't a flaw btw, it is actually a minority of people who well and truly can; as such, I encourage an honest answer for this question, since it actually does change the results if you answer by what you desire to be, rather than what you are. (This wasn't said to anyone specific, but was just something for all to concider, and actually for all of the questions btw. Honest answers give you an honest result and answer of your desired trait give a result of your desired self, not your actual self.)

(Pardon the possibly very poor example, I made it up in a hurry.)

39. As I explained earlier, if you're as likely to experiment as you are to use the tried and tested methods, then the answer is NO, because you are not MORE inclined to either. If however you are even the least bit more inclined to do one over the other, then you have your answer there instead.

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