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Subscribe to this thread Rest in peace, Terry Pratchett created by TFeathersB on March 12, 2015

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TFeathersB3/12/15 8:35am
The author Sir Terry Pratchett passed away today. He was one of the greatest authors to ever live... Why do so many great people have to die so close together?

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WiseOwlReader3/12/15 12:11pm
Leonard Nimoy, now we've lost Terry Pratchett. Damn Alzheimer's. I learned about this man maybe a year and a half ago, I read 'Guards, Guards!' and have loved his work since, I haven't been able to read him, maybe I should after I finish the Sound of Waves. I loved his humor, his wit, and his observations into human nature.

Goodbye Terry Pratchett.

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ZycantAlpha3/12/15 7:33pm
I'm starting to get scared that we're going to get a massive loss in Sci-Fi and Fantasy icons. Rest in peace, Sir Pratchett. You've done a great service, making people think and laugh.

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TruthQuest3/13/15 8:11pm
Yes, yes he did and my family are all great fans of his work. It is something I am grateful for, knowing that his daughter is trying to continue his stories. Hopefully, we will all keep thinking because of him.

Long Live The Disc!

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