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Subscribe to this thread Bad Ideas - By never followthrough created by crazyhead42 on March 11, 2015

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FoxPhantom4/11/15 9:38pm
It is ok for others to add there bad ideas in isn't it?

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Kirito4/12/15 10:50am
yes, this is a 'bad idea' thread, so if you have a bad idea, post it.

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Auran4/13/15 6:09am
Would be a bad idea to have a DK that clone others.

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crazyhead424/13/15 8:07am
I'm pretty sure it would be a bad idea to create an entire thread if I didn't want other people's bad ideas. (Especially the ones people should never follow through with)
Also: Discovering Tumblr. [Too late for me]

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FoxPhantom4/14/15 5:29am
Here is a bad idea, making a HUGE trench and fill it will lava right around the gates of Anduruna

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crazyhead424/25/15 4:52pm
Going around and saying people suck, then showing a picture of them drinking out of a straw when someone gets mad. :P

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ST34LTH5/9/15 3:10pm
Discussing creationism vs evolution with anyone you don't agree with >.>

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BryanDimmsdale5/9/15 11:07pm
A bad idea for DK would be sharing all the spoilers and leaks of the new Volumes and secrets that might eventually ruin the story.

Also, discussing religion and politics in this thread (or the whole forum rather) is a very bad idea.

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ST34LTH5/10/15 9:21am
Making even the slightest amount of noise in this auditorium:

(Awesome teacher is awesome XD)

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Lycanphoenix10/2/15 2:54am
- Bringing Corrupt-a-Wish to Anduruna:

- Comparing Dreamkeepers to Akira

- Resurrecting the "Signs that you are addicted to Dreamkeepers" thread

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