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Subscribe to this thread General Questions about the DK universe created by CoolCoyote on March 9, 2015

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Lycanphoenix10/2/15 2:57pm
The least they could do is call them "visions" or something.

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Bowoodstock11/24/15 12:51pm
Question for everyone, forgive me if this has been addressed somewhere.

Has it ever been established how much time has passed between the prelude and GNS? Based on one page in the prelude (the one where Harmony is being lectured after the whole Vanth debacle) you can see that she's 11 years old, so that puts the characters at roughly elementary-middle school aged in the prelude. Following up and based on their growth, I'm guessing it's at least 3 years, possibly more?

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Prometheus11/24/15 1:07pm

It's about five years in between Prelude (1222) and the GNS (1227). Mace and Namah are 9 and Bast and Lilith are 10 in Prelude. Now, just do the math for them and everyone else with a confirmed age.

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Bowoodstock11/24/15 1:19pm
Thank you good sir!

Was this something revealed by Dan and Liz, or is this located somewhere in the stories?

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Kirito11/24/15 4:20pm

We asked Dave a while ago the age of the Characters in the GNS and prelude. I'm not sure if it's anywhere in the comic itself (I don't think so?), but yes; Dave confirmed it.


I never recorded the ages and based on the information that I have recorded, Prometheus information is a bit off. According to the facts I wrote down during a livestream, in the GNS, Mace/Namah/Whip are 14, Lilith is 15, and Bast is the oldest at 16. If the date of the prelude is correct (1222), that makes Mace/Namah/Whip 9, Lilith 10, and Bast 11.

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Dawonguy11/24/15 8:17pm
I always thought that the main 5 were a little bit older and that Lilith was the oldest.

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DanWithTheHat12/7/15 7:34pm
I can confirm Kirito's ages. I wrote them down as well from that stream.

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