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Subscribe to this thread Party Down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2015

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joeden2/22/16 9:34am
Ollow was still focused laughing at the ocean part, which got the attention of the other kids who saw this as the first time they'd seen him laugh at anything.

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Kymastrider2/26/16 7:36pm
Kyma continued "And then when we found our way back to Alej's place we discovered it had been raided by shock troopers. We met up with Edward and the rest at another bar, and then we took a telepad from the bar's basement to this place. We've been part of this secret underground army ever since"

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joeden2/27/16 8:00pm
Ollow looked at Kyma and said, "wow."

Jamie took a seat on an old crate taking a breath saying, "We should be safe for the time being." Jamie now able to rest took the opertounity breathing harder then normal as he now had the opportunity to catch his breath and let the ache go away.

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Kymastrider2/27/16 8:55pm
Kyma then continued "However that's not even the half of it, as it turns out there is also this huge nightmare that's after your older brother, it's big, ugly, and wants to eat him"

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Edwardteach3/7/16 9:20am
Edward: I walk down he halls with Igrath on my tail speaking to me "Why are you going out? its just a pickup mission right" i reply "This is, But im going to find and Help jamie with this Nightmare," I continue walking til I get to the armory and I slip my suit jacket off and grab a trench layered with knives, and I slip a katana, onto my back, and I walk out and walk to the med bay to talk with the people that arrived. "Hello" I say to ollow and kyma

Loki:"Someones coming right?" i say walking back and forth

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joeden3/7/16 2:46pm
Jamie replied, "yeah I sent a call we just got to wait for backup to show up. So long as an army of shocks, that Nightmare or that power manipulator doesn't show up."

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Alej3/8/16 7:22pm
(hi im back... what happened while I was gone?)

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joeden3/8/16 8:10pm
(Alej there's been 10 posts since you were last around.)

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Kymastrider3/14/16 1:06pm
Kyma looked over at Edward and shouted "hey there Edward, alots happened out there in the field. We still have to get Jamie and Alej back safely. Also what are we going to do with all these kids?"

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Alej3/14/16 9:01pm
ALej watched the commotion sipping a soda. "Hm hm hmmmm... hm hm hmmmmmm... yep this is boring as fuck. I wonder if Indi and Digo are around, I need a show..."

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joeden3/14/16 9:56pm
((Alej? How is Alej sipping a soda at the base when she's with Jamie and Loki?))

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Edwardteach3/15/16 5:47am
Edward: Walks over to kyma, and says "I know about Jamie, and I will be on my way shortly with the extraction team" I look around the med bay at the children "As for them, you can watch them till we return them to their families" I smile at you "You can do that right kyma?"

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Kymastrider3/15/16 8:42am
Kyma replied "Well I.... Didnt exactly sign on to babysit"

Kyma pointed over to Javelin and said "Besides we still have mr new guy to contend with. Since he cant be left unattended maybe he can assist me in watching these kids"

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Edwardteach3/15/16 11:46am
I glance over at javilin "That works," I pull out a camera and I take a picture of you and javalin "Alright, Time to move out" I walk out of the med bay with 2 other soliders, a dog and a lizard, the dog carried an odd shaped back pack and We run out of the hanger.

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Javelin3/15/16 4:24pm
As the troika personnel was done asking Javelin his questions and then Javelin spotted both Kyma and Edward having a conversation and decided to join in "So... What's happening now?"

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