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Subscribe to this thread Party Down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2015

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Kymastrider2/21/16 11:40am
Kyma had a glance at the locket and at Ollow, and he said "That look's like Jamie in the picture, you never knew your brother did you?"

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joeden2/21/16 11:43am
Ollow shook his head and said, "well neither doses you.... wait you talk to the dead??? Can call him to come speaks with me plweasse."

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Kymastrider2/21/16 12:04pm
Kyma squinted awkwardly and replied "what....... know I don't, and your brothers not dead I've spoken with him several times, and traveled with im. He's just not here right now, he stayed behind to help us escape"

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joeden2/21/16 12:13pm
Ollow blinked a few times before a big smile came across his face and said, "Really! He's alive? I didn't see him where was he, who was he like??... Wait I'm hungry...." Ollow's stomach growled and his wasn't the only one who was hungry.

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Alej2/21/16 1:58pm
hey youre all alive! what did I miss?

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joeden2/21/16 2:05pm
(Alej for non RP chat lets use the headless room not this room.)

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Alej2/21/16 3:04pm
(ok ok can I have recap)

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Kymastrider2/21/16 5:04pm
One of the Indigo Twins walked up and said to Ollow "Why don't we just get you checked out first to see if your AOK, and then we can get you and the rest of the kids something to eat in the mess hall"

Indi then lifted Ollow up to one of the examination tables, and as she was examining and looking over Ollow She said "And what is your name little man?"

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joeden2/21/16 5:41pm
Ollow turned to see Indi and before he could actually react he was on the table and was asked what his name was which he replied, "Ollow."

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Kymastrider2/21/16 6:15pm
As Indi was checking Ollows pupils, blood pressure, temperature and other mandatory checkup procedures she said "Now I know all this must feel like a big shock to you, but things will be alright I can promise that"

Kyma glancing over said "Believe me it was sort of a shock for me at first too, I wouldn't have imagined when I first met Jamie or any of the others that I would be uprooted from my normal life and taken on this crazy adventure"

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Alej2/21/16 7:21pm
(*waits to find out what the hell is going on*)

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joeden2/21/16 7:53pm
(Explained in the headless room Alej the room below IC Dreamworld . But the jest is Ollow is talking with Kyma.)

Ollow not knowing how to even respond to any of this sat still and let Indi do her thing, and responded with an, "o-kay..." His attention then went to Kyma as his eyes widened with interest at Kyma's story and asked, So what happened?"


Jamie walked towards an empty building opening it and ushering everyone in saying, "we can hide here until they come I've already sent a message to Edward."

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Kymastrider2/21/16 9:26pm
Kyma began to respond "Oh well it is a very long and confusing story, it started as a normal day at the beach for me, then of course I knew a friend, who knew another friend, who had this big mansion"

Kyma then went on explaining about the rainstorm that left them all stranded at the mansion, and how Jamie then walked in during the blackout, and then the gun fight with the gansters that lead to the mansion fire.

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joeden2/21/16 10:11pm
Ollow listen in fascination as Kyma told the story and asked, "what happened next?"

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Kymastrider2/22/16 12:17am
Kyma replied "Well, we all split up and hid for the rest of the night, the next morning at we met Edward and later Alej at a bar, we stayed at her place for awhile, I discovered my power by accident and teleported me and your brother out into the ocean"

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