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Subscribe to this thread Party Down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2015

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Javelin2/15/16 11:37am
He says to the Troika personnel taking sure what is it you want to know? putting his armor and heavy trench coat back on

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joeden2/15/16 1:22pm
Ollow was starting to regain feeling in his body and noticed were everyone was going and his location. He was not amused with being alone in a place he didn't know and scurried to the rest of the group in the med center. As the kids were treated for the bumps and bruises and malnourishment Ollow was standing alone behind the group eying everyone suspiciously that went by trying to slink away into the shadows, as he held his family locket clock tightly.


Jamie looked at Alej and raised an eyebrow saying, "Didn't you say you where going to make some isn't that why you had me hit you?" Jamie then looked back at his datascroll waiting for the call to go through.

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Alej2/15/16 2:44pm
Alej shook her head "Sorry, a little dazed from BEING PUNCHED IN THE GUT." She ripped a pipe out of the wall and crushed the tip into a spear shape

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joeden2/15/16 3:00pm
Jamie replied, "and the head would have been so much better because that's where you're brain is." Jamie shook his head slightly as he waited for a response from his datascroll.

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Edwardteach2/16/16 12:28pm
Edward: i see the message pop on my data scroll as I walk back into my office and I respond "Will send support and transport" and I walk out and I shout "Irgrath!!" after people turn their heads Irgrath walks over and salutes, and everyone goes back to work "Assemble a small group with one of your telepads, we have a group stuck close to the nightmare"

Loki: I gradually get my bearings back i stand up and I wander around the rooftop "So Jamie, Let me get this straight, you killed a nightmare, and it wants revenge, and your part of an organization that deals with these kinds of things?" i say trying to organize my thoughts

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joeden2/16/16 1:48pm
(Ed we're on the ground not rooftops.)
Jamie said, "pretty much yeah only the group I'm with is a company of Shock troopers from the Toll wars that defected and is now an anti Government group with one of the greatest military minds at its head. Now Ed said we're going to get a lift soon and hopefully before the Nightmare realizes its been duped and comes back looking for us."

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Alej2/16/16 6:37pm
"Well I-" Alej stopped when she realized Jamie was right. "I... ugh where the fuck is this nightmare? I want some evil kebab tonight."

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joeden2/16/16 9:34pm
Jamie looked back to Alej and said, "Ummm.... That's disgusting and very bad for your health and it has more then just teeth and claw in its arsenal, it has these tentacles in it's back that it can use to attack with."

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Edwardteach2/17/16 7:27am
(Apologizes I thought we were because we climbed all those ladders, but alright just plan that i said ground)

Loki: "Alright" i stand up and I walk around and I just keep moving just trying to fully understand

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Alej2/17/16 4:27pm
Alej shrugged "I don't mind some evil calamari on the side."

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joeden2/17/16 10:17pm
Jamie shrugged as he said, "yeah no... We're not eating the Nightmare period; now hopefully we get out of here before it shows up."

The Nightmare backtracked and screamed as it looked for Jamie cursing as it tried to figure out where they went charging from tunnel to tunnel.

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Alej2/19/16 4:50pm
Alej whistled to herself and followed

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Kymastrider2/20/16 4:50pm

The troika down at the medbay sent a com message up to edward.

"Edward we the team has retrieved an unidentified adult DK who was with the children and Kyma when we retrieved him, would you like to question him yourself?"

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Kymastrider2/21/16 9:41am
Kyma was lying down in the medbay, a bag of blood was flowing into his arm to restore some of the blood he lost in combat.

He took notice that the medbay was now full of the kids they rescued in the sewers. Kyma also took notice to one kid hiding in the corner thinking to himself "Wait that one sort of resembles Jamie"

Kyma shouted out "Hey you there, in the corner, you wouldn't happen to be Jamie's little brother would you?"

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joeden2/21/16 10:07am
Ollow jumped as he heard himself being called out and looked at Kyma as all the other kids but they quickly focused on other things as Ollow moved over closer to him and said, "i has nos brother hes dies befores i's born." Ollow fumbled his hands and showed him the picture in his watch locket and said, "dis is my family, buzs they all dead...." He looked down as he spoke the last sentence. The picture was that of a male cat in as suit a female wolf and Jamie a much younger Jamie and one who was actually happy. and in the women's hands was a sleeping kitten that was Ollow.

(Kyma I think I forgot to mention but Ollow's a cat)

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