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Subscribe to this thread Party Down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2015

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Alej1/29/16 5:17pm
(oh I didn't see)
"GAH! FUCK RUN FASTER!" Alej screeched

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joeden1/29/16 7:55pm
Jamie glided as fast as he could and hollered, "I AM, I AM!" Jamie turned the corners surfing the sewers, as the Nightmare followed. It was at a fair six inch distance from Alej's and Loki's heads snaping its mouth hissing, "feeding time, feeding time, feeding time." While it's jaw's snapped, to far to reach but close enough to scare.

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Edwardteach1/30/16 8:31am
I wake up to the feeling of bouncing on someones shoulder running and I look up and see the nightmare and I scream "What the hell!!!!" i shout and i wriggle a bit worried for my life now

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joeden1/30/16 9:21am
Jamie tightened his grip on Loki, as he growled, "damnit kid stop fusing or I'll drop you." Jamie made a sharp turn, buying them a few seconds of relief from the Nightmare before it was back on their tail. Jamie was huffing it was clear he couldn't keep this up and needed find a hiding spot soon.

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Alej1/31/16 1:00pm
"FUCK! RUN FASTER!" Alej shrieked and clung tightly to Jamie

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joeden1/31/16 6:20pm
Jamie shouted back, "I know!!!" Jamie made another turn down another tunnel and another making a turn into a maintenance room powering down. Quickly closing the door behind him, taking a breath and putting his hands over Alej's and Loki's mouths to keep them silent as the Nightmare passed and went down the tunnel.

After a moment of silence he let his breath go and dropped his hands and let his breath go huffing and coughing in pain as he slumped down against the wall, long having let Loki and Alej down.

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Alej2/1/16 3:54pm
Alej helped him up "I can carry you both if I have to, but we cant let this bitch escape or he'll eat some other unlucky keepers. We gotta stop him."

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joeden2/1/16 4:51pm
Jamie huffing looked at Alej and said, "What? You're nuts we need to get out of here, it took me a tower bombs and it almost killed me to kill that thing the first time. We need to get out." Jamie was slightly shaking as he looked at the door and back to Alej and said, "we're leaving..."

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Alej2/2/16 5:14pm
Alej growled "Because letting this fucktard run around killing MORE people is an EXCELLENT idea!" She slammed her fist into the wall in her anger, leaving a small crater.

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joeden2/2/16 7:45pm
Jamie was frustrated at Alej and said, "and kill it how? *huff* *huff* *huff* I'm exhausted he's wounded we go no weapons and the thing is after me..." Jamie continued to huff as he got a better grip on his stance, he then took a breath before continuing, "I nearly died to save my brother those kids everyone else and you... If we fight that thing now my efforts on you guys will have been wasted... And unless you forgot We're in northern Ruskol the only people to kill in this part of town are gangs most of whom I believe are friends with that thing. That and we're in a sewer system not a mall..."

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Alej2/3/16 2:11pm
"Wait... its after YOU? Specifically? What... what did you do?" Alej got nose-to-nose with him

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joeden2/3/16 2:21pm
Jamie looking at Alej and said, "I dropped a tower and decapitated it while it was trying to eat me. I brought a thousand pounds of steel down on it and me while using a steel beam that I rode through its neck. In simple I jammed a steel beam down the thing's neck while bringing a steel tower down on it at the same time."

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Edwardteach2/4/16 9:37am
"What the hell have I been dragged into?" I say sitting on the floor slowly coming out of shock from being knocked out and bleeding out

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Alej2/4/16 6:38pm
Alej nodded "So you beat the fuck out of it, and now it wants revenge. What exactly IS that thing, though?"

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joeden2/4/16 8:20pm
Jamie looked at Loki and said, "Shithole that's what you got into..." Jamie then addressed Alej, "Not beat the fuck out of it, I killed it and now its back. The thing is a Nightmare no matter how many times you kill it, it'll come back over and over unless we can separate our worlds."

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