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Subscribe to this thread Party Down in Talocan created by Kymastrider on March 7, 2015

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Kymastrider3/7/15 1:01pm
Filled with color ornamentation, graphic animal sculpture and pyramidal stonework, The District of Talocan is without a doubt the most festive and lively region in all of Anduruna. The District is fun-loving and its Dreamkeepers are friendly and easy going, friendships often spring up quickly.

The biggest attraction of this region is usually its warm ocean current and pleasant beaches. Many Locals enjoying lying in the sun and playing in the cool water all day, many more enjoy a variety of exciting water sports (Talocan has a beach bum subculture) Talocan is also a popular vacation spot for the other districts.

Of course in this district bolts an array of other exciting attractions, from theme parks, to water parks, malls, bars, nightclubs, dance clubs, strip clubs. There’s something in Talocan for just about everyone. The fun only escalates as the sun goes down as its many residences fill the bars and nightclubs that stretch across the district. The most active of these being the famously named party island.

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Aman37123/7/15 2:42pm
A wide, cheerful smile stretched across the blue jaguar's face as the watercart finally reached the Talocan district, with his arms full of luggage. He wore a green tank top along with multi pocket brown pants, a brown travel backpack, and green and brown beads on his wrists and around his neck. He then stepped out of the watercart and made his way to his friend's place.

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CoolCoyote3/7/15 9:51pm
The feline wasn't the only dreamkeeper to be enjoying their visit to Talocan. The beach was never to far away for a quick visit for Dylan Locke.

Dylan lay sprawled out on the beach. His traditional red coat lay under him as a makeshift blanket To protect his scales and fur from the hot yet surprisingly soft sands below him.

The months Dylan had spent here had been good for him. He never felt relaxed in all his life!

As he lay in the sands Dylan stretched and folded his arms behind his head. As far as dreamkeeper go he didn't stand out too much. Dylan was a fox of sorts with a mix of lizard mixed in, most notable was his long lizard tail with a tuft of fur at the end.

His fur was deep red and well groomed. The scales of his underbelly were black with orange skin starting to show between them.

On the other hand, due to the near constant parties, the fine food, and for once in his life having money to burn from his more...semi legal endevours... Dylan's time in the city was in turn bad for his health.

Never had the fox been so heavy. Dylan was already overweight when he arrived but now he was drifting into obese territory. His belly bulged with flesh until his scales split, his tail was thicker along with his flank and hips, and his neck was starting to develop the beginings of a second chin.

On the bright side the fox had plenty of free time to work the excess padding off.

Maybe tomarrow...or the next day. Certainly next week.

With a yawn and another stretch Dylan got up. Dusting the sand out of his fur, coat and shorts, the fox adjusted the flower necklace around his chest before slinging the coat over one shoulder.

It was time to be on his way and pick up some dinner...

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Aman37123/8/15 7:59am
As the blue jaguar made his way, he saw that he was passing by a beach that was livly with people. Although he's been wanting to have some fun at the beaches of Talocan, he knew that finding his friend was his first priority and contributed walking.

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Kymastrider3/8/15 8:43am
Walking out of the ocean comes a fox with turquoise colored fur, indigo hair, and black rings around his eyes and tail, he also had a black tribal tattoo on his right arm he had a slim athletic build, and was wearing a pair of black and red trunks, and a white shell necklace, a bracelet, anklet, and two earrings on his left ear.

On his side he's carrying a surf board as, He was stepping out of the ocean current after along day of surfing. After walking out onto the sand where he left his stuff he stuck his surf board into the sand and lying down panting said "spirits I am tired" looking out into the ocean he said "It sure was a lovely day to go surfing, I cant wait to meet up with Zola and the guys later tonight"

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CoolCoyote3/8/15 10:25am
Dylan had to stifle a yawn as he walked. Man, he was tired after such a long nap. This really was the life. All the tasty food he could want, endless parties, and the wide ocean landscape to come visit.

It was so close to perfection for the plump fox that he forgot why it wasn't.

Following his nose right past the surfing fox to the smell of food Dylan came to a small vendor stand. It was a small wooden stand with an island theme. Lots of tiki masks and tropical fruit decorated the stand. The vender even wore a three eyed tiki mask and a grass skirt, both of which looked odd upon the scrawny rat like creature.

Rubbing his chin as he read the menu Dylan opened his pocket and was rather dismayed to find it empty.

Ok, maybe he didin't have so much money to burn. Or maybe he just burned through his money far more quickly now that he had some.

"Hey mac, what is the cheapest meal you have?" Dylan said as he leaned against the counter. "Also that is one awesome mask. Where did you come up with the idea for it?"

The fox was surprised when the features of the tiki mask moved to make a confused expression. "What mask?"

Dylan paused before he replied. Drumming his fingers across the counter he leaned away from the stand. "Er...never mind." Out of sight of the vendor the fox shivered. Dreamkeepers kept getting odder and odder every year.

Still that left Dylan with a problem. Where is he going to get his lunch...or rather, which poor fool is going to pay for it...

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Aman37123/8/15 10:43am
The jaguar found himself giving into the delicious aroma from the food stands at the beach. Humming a cheerful tune to himself, he then decided to head to a nearby vender to see what they had, sitting next to a fox/reptile hybrid. although he had no lucre', the jaguar still wanted to know what they had just for the fun of it.

"Man, that's a sick mask!" The jaguar complimented, gazing at the tiki mask.

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Kymastrider3/9/15 3:19pm
After resting on the sands for afew minutes the fox got up, grabbed his towel, beach bag, and surf board, and began walking towards the street. He noticed the food stand with the jaguar, and fox/lizard hybrid. Then he began to feel his stomach growl realizing he had been surfing all day and hasn't eaten anything since breakfast.

he walked up to the stand with the tiki mask merchant and said "One Verrat Kebab please"

The merchant said "That'll be L5.00"

the fox handed the merchant L5.00 from his beach bag and he handed him a wooden scewer with delectable looking meet, bright orange fruit, and a tangy yellow sauce dripping off.

The fox said to himself "man does this look tastey"

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Aman37123/9/15 3:23pm
The jaguar starred oves at the fox's meal with a playful grin as his mouth began to water. It smelt so good; he wished that he had lucre' to buy himself a tasty meal.

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Kymastrider3/9/15 3:38pm
The fox takes a look over at the blue jaguar staring at him and says "see something you like?"

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Aman37123/9/15 3:41pm
"That looks REALLY good." The blue jaguar said with a goofy smile, "If I had lucre' I would buy, like, fifty of those things! But I'm broke, which is ok because I'm off to live with my friend!"

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Kymastrider3/9/15 3:46pm
Looking at the jaguar the fox said "I take it your not from around here, My name is Kyma by the way"

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Aman37123/9/15 3:49pm
"Yup!" The jaguar cheerfully answered, "I came from the Margate district. The name's Kyle!" With that, Kyle extended his right arm to give a friendly handshake.

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Kymastrider3/9/15 4:02pm
Pulling up a friendly smile, Kyma reached out to shake Kyles hand and said "I'm sure your going to like it here Kyle, the weather is great, and the dreamkeepers a greater"

looking at the foodstand merchant Kyma said "Another Verrat Kebab please"

Kyma handed the second one over to Kyle and said "Welcome to Talocan"

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CoolCoyote3/9/15 4:03pm
Dylan stood in shock. Did that blue feline just really pull the same move that he was going to play?

The little mooch! Of all the nerve! Weaseling into his territory! That was his mark he was mooching from! Well two can play at that game.

Swollowing the urge to stab him in the side with his claw the portly fox instead put on a big smile and exclaimed, "The Margate district? No kiddin? I'm from there too!"

Dylan tried to visualize a map, Margate, Margate yeah...he thinks he knows where that is...

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