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Aman37123/3/15 6:41pm
Name: Kyle Ma'Joi

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 5'8"

Clothing: He wears a green tank top along with multi pocket brown pants, a brown travel backpack, and green and brown beads on his wrists and around his neck.

Physical Description: He is a blue jaguar with yellow eyes and a scar on his chest.

Powers/Skills: Kyle have the ability to absorb kinetic energy, the energy possessed by any moving object, through physical contact and can utilize it for combat purposes. From absorbing kinetic energy, he can strengthen his attacks, tear holes in walls with a simple touch, and can even turn an object's potential energy into kinetic energy, making it explosive. However, Kyle can only absorb kinetic energy through physical contact and is unable to absorb kinetic energy while being restrained or incapacitated. Also, while absorbing energy makes Kyle stronger and makes his attacks hit harder, he is not invulnerable to damage. Kyle has a Maya Blue halo when using his powers. Kyle is also very athletic and quick on his feet, making him an annoying opponent to anyone. That, plus his ability to absorb/use kinetic energy, makes him a very dangerous.

Traits: Kyle is a very rambunctious and carefree keeper. Being as friendly as he is, he is very social and loves to interact and make friends. However, because of his simple minded nature, Kyle can be reckless and prone to make foolish decisions. His simple minded nature however makes him fearless, even from death. Kyle is an adventurous type and loves to explore; he loves a good challenge and finds change exciting. He also loves to fight, using his agility and playful nature to his advantage. Kyle will never back down from a fight, regardless of his physical condition.

History: (Still in development)

District: The Margate District, but moved to the Talocan district to live with his close friend, Renard, since Kyle couldn't afford to live in his old home due to financial difficulties.

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