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Subscribe to this thread Fankeepers created by Kymastrider on February 28, 2015

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Kymastrider2/28/15 6:06pm
I thought id create a page for showing off art of Fan Dreamkeeper characters that aren't part of the cannon story.

Behold my newest Fankeeper, Sibuna the Desert Dreamkeeper. I got the idea from a week ago when I watched A boy and his Dog. Sibuna was born and raised in one of the deserts bordering Anduruna.

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AlextheTeknian2/28/15 6:57pm
Ah cool so Sibuna is kinda like a tribal Dreamkeeper?, I like that kind of theme of characters looking like tribal or primitive. I didnt notice in the description but what is his power?. I do like your character and will be cool to see more about Sibuna when you do =)

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Kymastrider2/28/15 7:14pm
I got the idea that maybe dreamkeepers in the desert don't wear much because either they may not have the resources, or they don't need to since its really hot plus Anduruna's social norms don't apply beyond its boarders. Plus for this character I felt the less you wear the more flexible you are. I do also like the idea that there are more primitive settlements of dreamkeepers in the dreamworld that apply there power use to hunting and gathering.

To be honest I don't know myself what his power even is. I didn't give it much thought as I was coloring but it could be related to the sand.

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AlextheTeknian3/1/15 4:07am
I agree, its obvious why Sibuna would only be wearing a loincloth because of the hot climate, but I also like that you explaining is gives him more freedom and flexibility in his body, and also because they dont have much stuff. I do really like your idea of desert scavenging primitive Dreamkeepers. will be cool if you expand upon it, it has potential. about his power dont worry its hard to make a cool balanced powers I almost finished developing my character power but it still needs some last touches.

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