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Subscribe to this thread Rest in Peace Leonard Nimoy, You Lived Long and Prospered created by WiseOwlReader on February 27, 2015

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WiseOwlReader2/27/15 11:22am
Devastating news for the Sci-fi community. Leonard Nimoy is dead at age 83. I admit to not having watched Star Trek the Original or the movies, I saw only the 2009 reboot, but he won me over on his appearance as Old Spock.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Nimoy.

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wildcard2/27/15 11:30am
Beamed up for the last time.

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Prometheus2/27/15 12:23pm
I only watched maybe an episode or two of the original Star Trek, but I do know Nimoy was an admired icon because of that show. You will be missed. \ \\ //

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Kirito2/27/15 6:39pm
His role as Spock was phenomenal and I am so disappointed I never got the chance to shake his hand. RIP dude \\//

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BryanDimmsdale2/28/15 6:47am
I always hate it when I see famous people dying one after another. Welp, there's nothing for me to do but to stay vigil for them.

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