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Subscribe to this thread What Other Webcomics do you Read? created by TFeathersB on February 24, 2015

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Kymastrider5/10/15 6:38am
I realized I didn't leave a good enough description when I first mentioned it, but there is this anthro comic really worth checking out called Inherit the Earth.

It deals with our world now inhabited by Anthro animals that were genetically created by him by combining human DNA with animal DNA. In it's time humans don't exist anymore on earth but the inhabitance (which call themselves morth, to distinguish themselves from there animal counterparts that reside in the wilds) now enhabit it and developed a society similar to medieval Europe.

In there legends they refer to humans as though they were divine beings like gods and there futuristic technology that was left behind as a sort of magic.

Well the adventures of the comic usually revolve around the adventures and misadventures of a very intellectual fox named Rift, and his girlfriend a female fox named Rhene. Usually it revolves around helping out friends, or trying to discover the ancient secrets of human civilization and why they just disappeared one day off the face of the earth.

An interesting fact is Inherit the earth was once a point N click adventure game from the early 90's, which the creators expected to become a series, however like a lot of low profile adventure games at the time it was a commercial flop and went largely unnoticed. However the creators were still willing to flush out it's rich world, so years later with the dawning of the internet the got the rights back from the publisher that had long since gone out of business and continued to build inherit the earths story and world as a webcomic.

They also in the past have tried to create a sequel to there 90s adventure game via a kickstarter campaign, sadly both kickstarters were not very successful and there are trying to look for other ways to back there project.

damn, that went on alittle longer then I expected, but I think Inherit the Earth is another obscure comic that really deserves more people to know it exists.

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RashallVetkay5/10/15 11:17am
I only follow one other web-comic, that being Zoophobia by Vivienne Medrano. I would link the site, but it tends to be up one moment then suffer from a 404 the next. Regardless it's a great read and for me it was the art style that got me hooked when I ran across it on tumblr.

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TFeathersB5/10/15 11:46pm
@Kymastrider, Inherit the Earth is interesting, thanks for that.

@RashallVetkay, Zoophobia is great. It's website seams to be fine for me, but I know a lot of others have problems. I remember reading that it was because it doesn't work if you add "www." to the start. Try this link?

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Jawson7/21/15 11:30pm
No one here has read Furry Experience?

A nice change if you think there's too much sex and violence in comics like I do. :P

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DanWithTheHat7/23/15 4:48am
If you like that, you may also want to look at Curtailed. A laid back, funny, slice of life comic.

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FoxBrethren7/31/15 8:06pm
I have to say, for comics a lot the ones I read are already mentioned but if you like high fantasy and it doesn't have to be a furry comic then I recommend Gaia

If you're a fan of old fey legends and the like then I recommend Code Name: Hunter

Nerd humor centered on DnD is Order of the Stick

And... I think that's all I can think of at the moment, though I have a lot that I follow, these have a certain quality to them that puts them at a cut above the rest

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ilvos015/12/16 12:15am
The wide wide world of furry webcomics. Hoo boy.

Twokinds: magic genderbending & "no nipple so it's okay". OG furry nonsense.

Poppy O'Possum: I actually just read through this one, it's pretty good

Zebra Girl: Are demons furries? W/e there's many proper furries as well.

Gunnerkrigg Court: Not even a furry comic but kind of the best thing?? ever?

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Ferrous5/13/16 12:55pm
Endtown is one of my favorites:

Post-Apocalyptic wasteland populated by Mutant Anthros on one side and Tech Nazis on the other. Dark, but with snippets of humor and romance.
Tickles the hell out of my old Calvin & Hobbes memories.
Discovered this back when I used to do Paintball a lot. Mad Science FTW!!

There's more, but that should get you started

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