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Dreamkeepers Forums - What is your irrational fear?

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Subscribe to this thread What is your irrational fear? created by BryanDimmsdale on February 24, 2015

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ZycantAlpha2/25/15 7:04pm
I have a fear of bees and wasps, to the point where I freeze and panic if I hear any sort of buzzing.

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crazyhead422/25/15 7:19pm
Zycant, the title of this thread is what is your IRRATIONAL fear. Bees and Wasps evolved to be scary monsters.

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Vermiform2/25/15 7:56pm
stinging insets aren't very frightening if you know their weaknesses, or if you just respect them and leave them alone.

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crazyhead422/25/15 8:27pm
... Clearly you have never had one go up and steal your lunch, despite your running and shouting "Eeeep"

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sporefox12/25/15 9:07pm
@crazyhead42 That would be hilarious as well as scary.

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crazyhead422/25/15 9:10pm
Wasn't funny at all.

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Vermiform2/26/15 6:28am
If they steal your lunch, maybe you should make them into your lunch - insects are a great source of protein

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Kymastrider2/26/15 8:13am
Like mine is something very personal and complicated. I'm basically affraid of change and things I don't understand or are beyond my comprehenshion. Be it science, politics, religion, Its enough to drive a person crazy.

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Tari2/26/15 1:36pm
Okay I'll bite. My irrational fear is also my worst fear, something that was there from childhood, amplified by the fact that it was my best friend's worst fear and that we freaked each other out about it all the time. Gray aliens.

It could be ANY other alien, I don't care, they make me breathe a sigh of relief. Anything to do with gray aliens freaks me the hell out.

I also used to be afraid of insects but then I discovered beautiful fire and it's ability to cleanse the world :)

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/26/15 6:28pm
Irrational fear? People and teachers from my elementary school... Didn't have the best time there.

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Prometheus2/27/15 3:40pm

No kidding. I feel so awkward having to go up to the elementary school that my mom volunteers at. So many loudmouth kids and teachers who can barely control them. XD

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WiseOwlReader2/27/15 6:32pm
I'm a germaphobe. I tend to wash my hands at least ten times a day or so, maybe a little bit more when it involves either washing clothes or scrubbing down the tub.

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Aman37123/2/15 6:57pm
One time I was assaulted by a swarm of angry yellow jackets when I was eight years old. It wasn't a fun experience...

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ST34LTH3/8/15 5:10am
Despite it being manageable, I have an irrational fear of losing control. It has gotten to such a degree that I envision just about every kind of scenario, where I'd end up hurting myself or others by accident, even indirectly, through inaction or otherwise. I say this is an irrational fear, because I know that I'm far from a likely candidate for this to actually happen; yet the fear persists in the face of logic.

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AlcorTheMonkey4/21/16 7:55am
hmmm? is this still open? because my Irrational fear are wasps and any stinging bugs, when I was a kid I was stung by a bee and my cheeks swelled.

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