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Subscribe to this thread What is your irrational fear? created by BryanDimmsdale on February 24, 2015

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BryanDimmsdale2/24/15 2:08am
I wanted to start this thread because I have a feeling that I'm not the only one who has this fear, or the other way around. So decided to post this here (found this from an FB friend, and some of these are quite creepy). So I wanna know what your deepest darkest fears are?

So first, one of my deepest darkest fear is that my feet are sticking out from the bed covers at night while I was asleep, and then someone or something, probably under the bed, will pull me and rip me into shreds.

How bout you guys?

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DanWithTheHat2/24/15 6:54am
My irrational and stupid fear is thinking that car isn't off and locked. I always double tap the alarm button on my keychain to double check. For some reason, I always doubt myself with that.

There were a couple times where I took sometime at lunch at work to check my car...

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FoxPhantom2/24/15 7:36am
Mine is when I am thinking that I didn't clock in when I did. (thankfully doesn't happen everyday)

One other fear is someone jumping out of my closet at night, that is one other irrational fear I have.

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Prometheus2/24/15 11:33am
Mine is constantly checking to see I have everything I need in my pockets, specifically my wallet. I can be pretty forgetful at times and my wallet tends to fall out of my pocket when I'm on the comode (very rarely), so I'm always checking to see if it's there.

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crazyhead422/24/15 12:07pm
I fear that if I were ever to simply disappear, that no one would notice.

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Sladerin2/24/15 2:13pm
My fear is that I'll die spontaneously and have my last words be something mean to my family or friends

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Kirito2/24/15 2:42pm
Interesting question. I guess mine would almost be very light agoraphobia. It occurs at night when I wind down. Basically I can't fall asleep in open spaces, I have to be confined in like a corner or something to feel comfortable. Easily fixed by putting my bed in the corner.

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joeden2/24/15 5:46pm
I would say heights and any fast moving ride like a roller coaster.

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Havoc2/24/15 9:20pm
Social anxiety disorder I have a great fear of being judged by others and embarrassing myself it took me almost 2 years to post anything on this forum.

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DanWithTheHat2/24/15 9:23pm
@Pro: I do the same thing all the time. Before I go to work, I double check my pockets for my Wallet, Phone,and Work ID. For me though, I don't find it too irrational because if I forget to do that, I usually leave something behind. XD

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BryanDimmsdale2/24/15 10:20pm
@Prometheus: Haha, I even put my backpack in front when I ride the subway, even not during rush hours. XD

Another one of my fears is when my alarm clock didn't alarmed at all, and then you woke up in the middle of the day, realizing you are 4 hours late from class/work.

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Vermiform2/25/15 4:23pm
I have an irrational fear that the government actually cares enough about my browsing history (go to this URL to get on a list somewhere: to send a SWAT team to raid my house in the middle of the night. I keep a machete next to my bed - I'll go down fighting if it somehow ever comes to that.

Basically i sometimes think this song is about me.

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pyronite6542/25/15 6:15pm
I haven't been diagnosed with anything but I'm pretty sure I have some sort of anxiety disorder. When interacting with others I'm constantly worried I'll do something wrong and I even faint when around too many people. It's really annoying. This alone took several rewrites and edits before I just posted it.

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crazyhead422/25/15 6:21pm
... yikes. That does not sound like fun.

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sporefox12/25/15 6:35pm
I have an irrational fear of spiders following me everywhere, and not the little ones. Where I live it is very common for the smallest spiders to grow the size of a half dollar silver coin if not bigger. And yes I am an arachnophobia that would probably die of a severe heart attack if one landed on me or crawled up on me.

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