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Subscribe to this thread The Science Fiction Thread created by Kymastrider on February 20, 2015

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Kymastrider2/20/15 5:34pm
Right let's discuss some of our favorite science fiction media's, it could be anything from books, to movies, to TV series. You name it.

When I was a teen I use to visit the video store a lot (blockbuster when it was still in business) and my weekends were usually busy watching every sci-fi film I could get my hands on, they often ranged from good, to garbage. (I cant tell you how many star wars, alien, and terminator clones I've sat through)But once in awhile you come across something that's original and though provoking.

Today I was watching on youtube for the first time a film I heard of nut never got around to seeing, it was called (A Boy and his Dog) from 1975.

It was an independent post apocalypse film that has largely been forgotten, and it's a really shame cause its a film that you can tell had a lot of influence on the modern post apocalypse genre. (I wouldn't be surprised if it inspired Mad Max and the fallout games) Considering the era that this film was made it's amazing how dark and disturbing (and a lot of times sexist) it is. You can tell by watching it really was years ahead of its time.

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Digitigraderobo2/20/15 7:07pm
I watched A Boy and his Dog once, I'm not usually disturbed by stuff like that, but that movie sure did it.

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