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Subscribe to this thread V4-Kickstarter: Discussion. created by Kymastrider on February 19, 2015

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MobileCrusader6/8/15 3:31am
I'm unemployed and almost every cent I have is dedicated to this ks or the delivery fees I'm gonna have for the raffle.

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Kymastrider6/8/15 5:25pm

(584) Backers

(10) Days Left

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Prometheus6/8/15 6:41pm
Ten days is cutting it close for the $75K mark. Unless people have been throwing dumptruck loads to the Kickstarter via Paypal, I doubt we'll be going retail at this rate. We got a boost to hit the Prelude collection, but it looks to be slowing down. I'll do some promoting on the 8chan thread.

Can't say it hasn't been a huge success. Watching the campaign grow with support has been fun. :)

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Kymastrider6/8/15 8:37pm
Update #7

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FoxBrethren6/8/15 9:26pm
That is... quite a bit more on the paypal side of things than I figured we'd see... still not sure how much since it's just a picture but it looks like close to $2.5k - $3k. I look forward to how far we take this

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ZycantAlpha6/9/15 4:24pm
It looks like we lost more steam, though the Paypal could provide a boost.
Prediction 3: 63-64k.

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MobileCrusader6/10/15 5:42pm
we hit 60k today.

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FoxBrethren6/10/15 10:08pm
Also over 600 backers.

Update #8

We have more voting and I don't know what to go for

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Kymastrider6/14/15 7:17am



Days Left

And in other news The latest update for the kickstarter arrived yesterday, the new button preview and a totals prediction from the paypal donations.

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ZycantAlpha6/14/15 9:14am
...Huh. Maybe my first prediction wasn't that far off the mark.

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DanWithTheHat6/14/15 7:56pm
I really like those buttons. These add on keep making me raise my pledge. I already added extra money for the bookmarks because they should be just as awesome.

Do you think we will get a big spurt of donations to get to 75K?

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Prometheus6/15/15 10:47am

From what I notice from these KS campaigns is that there's usually a huge spurt when a stretch goal is in reach. If we can get close enough to the ninth goal in the next 3 1/2 days, we'll probably get a huge wave of cash from people donating at the last minute. Not to mention the donations via Paypal, which might be enough by itself to reach the goal.

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FoxBrethren6/15/15 10:17pm
We have update # 10

If I'm estimating right, then it looks like we just need to get to 72k or 73k and the paypal additions will bring us to the next goal. We're so close, I think it might actually be possible for us to reach it by this point... but with less than 4 days remaining, I'm aware of how easily we could reach just short of the goal.

Those bookmarks though... I'm so glad I'm getting them. I always loved double sided pictures like most of those seem to be. Also, once again Dave shows how talented he is with the Indi and Digo bookmark retaining their poses in the background on each other's respective side. I don't know how I'm going to choose which bookmark to use while reading anymore without deliberately starting multiple books at once.

Also we broke 700 backers, woot!

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Prometheus6/16/15 9:27am
Welp, looks like people are getting their donations in while they can. The KS spiked a good $700 approx. since nine this morning. We just might make it to retail.

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Kymastrider6/16/15 7:59pm


Hours Left

Like wow now were at the point where were no longer counting down the days but the hours.

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