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Subscribe to this thread V4-Kickstarter: Discussion. created by Kymastrider on February 19, 2015

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Prometheus5/22/15 3:35pm
A little over $30K so far. We've only got five stretch goals to go now. It's amazing. Barely three days up and we've gone through more than half the stretch goals already. This series and Vivid will be mainstream successes in no time with this kind of reception. :D

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Kymastrider5/22/15 9:25pm
I suppose its a safe to assume the Dreamkeeper fan base has grown considerably larger since the last kickstarter. I first joined last august.

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Kobalt955/22/15 9:31pm
What is the farthest Stretch Goal do you guys think we'll be able to reach by the end of the Kickstarter? :D I'm betting on at least the $55,000 Prelude Collection reprint.

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Kymastrider5/23/15 8:46am
So let's do a bit of calculation, I can only compare this to the prelude kickstarter since I cant find a record of the kickstarters for volumes 1-3.

(2013, Prelude Kickstarter) reached only ($30,894) and had about (405 backers) over the course of (one Month) I'm guessing.

(2015, GNS Vol-4 Kickstarter) has reached ($34,290) with only (329 backers) in only (3 Days) with still (27 Days) left to go.

There is a very good chance were going to hit the Prelude stretch goal long before this kickstarter is over.

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FoxBrethren5/25/15 12:08am
Calculations and predictions of human behavior? Heh, I'll give it a shot.

Going by the spending trend I'm seeing now... in the first 5 days we've made it to $37,000 and actually we're about $500 away from the next stretch goal as of the moment I have typed this up, however about half of that was on day one. The pledges have slowed down considerably since the first day and will probably remain a trickle soon, though the current $1000 or more a day isn't something to sneeze at. I do predict a few small bursts on Mondays and Fridays during the next couple weeks to coincide with fresh paychecks (I've only ever really had a few jobs so that's assuming that Monday and Friday are the most common days to receive paychecks). I also think it's possible that we'll see another burst towards the end as those that pledged at the beginning get that one last check in and decide to increase their pledge (Even those that get paid monthly will have gotten one more check by then I think).

All in all I think we have a good chance of reaching that Prelude stretch goal, but I'm not confident the current trend will allow us to reach any higher goals than that. Not that I'm not hopeful for that retail level distribution. That would be amazing even if it doesn't sell well to begin with, it'd be a lot more exposure.

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Kymastrider5/25/15 9:14pm
check it out, the first major update on the statues of the kickstarter, Dave even made this awesome graph.

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FoxBrethren5/25/15 10:25pm
Yes indeed. Makes me wish I had the name of some podcasts to suggest. I'm looking forward to the voting, though. New merchandise on the horizon and old merchandise returning from beyond the grave. It's exciting stuff.

A thought occurred for me. I'm getting some of the stretch goal merchandise for myself and for my roommate, do you think the ending questionnaire will account for wanting multiples of some things or would it be better to create a second Kickstarter account for her and use my card again for her stuff?

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ZycantAlpha5/26/15 5:52pm
All right, here comes my first prediction (because I'm tooootally not too late to throw mine in there). I think it'll probably be 79 to 80k after everything's said and done if the current amount collected per week stays the same.

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MobileCrusader5/27/15 11:34am
Almost to $43,000 now

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Kymastrider5/29/15 3:53pm
$44,847 as of now.

were nearly $10,000 away from reprinting the prelude collection.

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Kymastrider5/29/15 8:47pm

Alright, well it looks like we get to vote on three art-sheets to be reprinted.

Also We get to Vote on six new button designs.

(Sorry Kirito but it doesn't look like there's going to be an Evzen button)

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Kirito5/29/15 8:50pm
Aww :c

Oh well, any dreamkeeper button is an awesome one!

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MrDarkwraith5/29/15 9:04pm
Well he had my vote, one of them anyway.

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Kymastrider5/30/15 8:01am
well if enough people vote we can atleast get the bobby button

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MobileCrusader5/31/15 8:42am
46k today.

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