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Subscribe to this thread V4-Kickstarter: Discussion. created by Kymastrider on February 19, 2015

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Kymastrider2/19/15 7:41am
While we still have along road down before V4 is ready for a kickstarter I thought this time would be good for asking and discussing how kickstarters work. I still have to make an account myself but I certainly want to participate if it means I'll be able to get a signed copy of V4. Maybe some things we can discuss is what the minimal kickstarter donation be. As well as some of the benefits for donating more?

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/19/15 9:59am
It is a pretty exciting thing to hear V4 is so close to being done! I do believe that people who donate to the kickstarter, depending on how much they donate, There could be more options than getting a signed copy. I hope he'll be willing to do sketches if someone happens to donate enough ^.^

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WiseOwlReader2/20/15 12:06pm
I'm really looking forward to this in the future. Vol. 4 Is gonna take off, I think. There should involve maybe...stickers, posters, a certain price off of Prelude volumes or something like that, depending on how much you donate to the kickstarter. Maybe it should be the stickers first with a thumbnail drawing done by Dave. I still have that one from Anthrocon last year, don't know If i'll attend this year.

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DanWithTheHat2/20/15 9:03pm
I know the last Kickstarter had a tier that came with a book and a sketch along with some original comic sketch pages. I know he said that he will probably give out more original pages in the Vol 4 Kickstarter but they will be very limited.

Here's the link to the Prelude Book Kickstarter for reference:

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Kirito2/21/15 11:48am
I definitely will contribute to this kickstarter; and not just for the extra goodies. I can't wait to support Dave and get v4 rolling!

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/21/15 9:06pm
If I had money, I would so use all of it to throw at Dave.

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Kymastrider2/21/15 9:17pm
Have quite a bit but I'll have to see how much im willing to spend once the time comes, also what benefits they'll be.

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FoxPhantom2/23/15 7:17am
I could try contribute to the kickstarter this time. ^^ (wanted to do it last time but couldn't).

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MobileCrusader3/12/15 10:43am
Depending on when it releases, I'll be pledging quite a bit.

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Kymastrider5/8/15 2:30pm
It's finally happening, the long awaited V-4 kickstarter announcement.

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Dawonguy5/8/15 9:07pm
Hmm... looking at that the stretch goals and wondering what character/creature would be cool to have be manufactured as a plush (assuming $100,000 is raised)...

Looking at how the prelude kickstarter did, I'd expect about $40k to be raised or at least the $38k tier to be reached.

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crazyhead425/8/15 9:17pm
Oh no. Oh no no no...


[I'm sorry!!!! DX]

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Dawonguy5/8/15 11:02pm
I'm going to pretend I didn't read that.

Whip probably would probably be the easiest to make into plush form given his simpler design.

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Kirito5/9/15 8:02am
If Dave was to role out Ryuu-Neku plushies they'd be gone in an instant.

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Kymastrider5/9/15 8:41am
Dave said if enough people wanted he would make the plushs a kickstarter onto itself.

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