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Subscribe to this thread Hello, I am a digitigrade robot :D created by Digitigraderobo on February 18, 2015

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Digitigraderobo2/18/15 9:27pm
Hello! I've been lurking a while on here and I just started becoming active so I feel like It's time for a proper hello. So hi, IDK what else to say, other than DK is awesome. I've read every DK book fully and the entire Prelude, so i'm fully primed for speculation on what will happen next :D

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origamifan2/19/15 8:48am
Welcome among us, digitigraderobo!I am pleased to greet you here! Here is a funny little music to welcome you in our world
you can consult the rules in the bottom right section of the forum. There is a live chat with David lillie at 9:PM each Thursday. Oh, and we also organize black mass on the 17th of each month(nah,I kid).

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crazyhead422/19/15 9:21am
9PM if you're on the East Coast of the US that is.

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Kirito2/19/15 11:21am
Welcome! My name's kirito, but please feel free to call me kit or ki. Feel free to join us at weekly chats or our skype group. Enjoy your stay!

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JudasScorpioDeMazier2/19/15 12:16pm

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ST34LTH2/19/15 3:38pm
Thou art most welcome here fellow reader of Dave's holy scriptures ;)

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Sladerin2/19/15 3:51pm
I hope you find your stay most pleasant.

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Digitigraderobo2/19/15 4:55pm
Aw thanks guys :D, now I need an avatar...

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TFeathersB2/19/15 5:05pm
Welcome! It's always great to meet new people.

I'm TFeathersB, but you can just call me Feather. I hope you have a great time here.

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crazyhead422/19/15 5:07pm
Pick a page and a character, I'll clean it up for you!

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DanWithTheHat2/19/15 5:45pm
Welcome! Its a good a time as any to jump back into our crazy discussions. We will have tons to talk about once Vol. 4 drops later this year. See you around!

Moderator Note
One thing to note. Rule #2 in the rules isn't applicable any more, you could edit you own posts at any time now. The rules just haven't been updated yet.

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ZycantAlpha2/19/15 6:20pm
I could have sworn I saw you do an official introduction once. Ah well, probably just my imagination. But, officially, welcome to the group Digitigraderobo!

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GodofVelcro2/19/15 7:07pm
Welcome! Hope to see you around! Well, considering we are both in chat now, hope to see you around more!

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MobileCrusader3/12/15 10:48am
Welcome welcome! I'm mobile, and if you are a lurker you know who I am.

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